26 May

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day!! It all started at 7:45am which is when I had set our alarm because we had a garage sale that we were going to go to at 8. Except then I found out it wasn’t starting until 9…which turned out to be serendipitous because Zach and I got to do something that we do so rarely that I associate it with vacation. Go to breakfast! Not brunch, actual breakfast. This is usually something we only do when traveling and I kept telling him it felt like vacation! He took me to Eva’s Pancake House which is in Muncie but I’d actually never been because, well, they are only open for breakfast and we never go to breakfast. 🙂



I only ate some of my food and shared the rest with Zach who was more than happy to finish off my yummy blueberry crepes. THEN we could finally go to the garage sale when we were done. A friend from high school had told me earlier in the week that she was selling a lot of her little girl’s baby clothes in a sale and I lamented that I would miss it due to traveling. When our weekend plans changed that was the first thing I thought of! I have no problem with second-hand clothes but it’s extra nice when you know where they are coming from and I knew she was bound to have cute things. I was right. About 20 minutes and $18 later we left with a bag bursting with shirts and leggings and outfits and bows and even an adorable wool poncho all in varying sizes. I love buying my little girl clothes!

We stopped by Mom’s to show off our purchases and ran by home to pack some lunch and then we were off for adventures.


The weather was absolutely positively perfect for Memorial Day weekend. Couldn’t have asked for nicer temperatures or a bluer sky! A few days before the weekend I’d shared a link with Zach about little-known Indiana waterfalls and the hint that we should find them this summer. That’s how we found ourselves heading southwest of Indianapolis in search of Cataract Falls. A falls that are part of a river and apparently are beautiful year round and I have no idea how we have never heard of them! They aren’t even too far away. In a little under 2 hours we were there and scouting out the best spot to have our picnic lunch.





A big, rocky outcropping at the edge of the falls worked just great. 🙂 We ate and got a little sun and then took some pictures before our hike. Of course the baby is the highlight of most photos these days…

IMG_0848 IMG_0854 IMG_0858 IMG_0877 IMG_0928

There is an overlook providing a great view of Upper Cataract Falls so you can see just how wide they are (huge by Indiana standards!) :).



Then we took the covered bridge over to the other side to do some hiking and exploring.


A trail took us high up into the forest then down low next to the river with a great view of the falls behind us.

IMG_0941 IMG_0948

We were trying to follow our trail the half mile to Lower Cataract Falls but eventually ended up on a gravel road somehow that we walked a good long time before realizing it was never going to take us to our destination!



We didn’t mind in the least! A little extra walking never hurt anyone and the scenery was beautiful to boot. We eventually turned ourselves around and hiked back to Upper Falls to get some pictures from different vantage points. It didn’t matter where you were or which way you looked, it was lovely!



IMG_0991 IMG_1000

After all of the hiking (which went on for over an hour) we decided to just drive over to the lower falls since we hadn’t any luck on the trail!


They were pretty and dropped into an area with rock surrounding on all sides so you couldn’t get as close to the bottom portion. There were people swarming the top but after all the pictures at Upper Falls we decided just to admire these from a distance.


All in all we probably spent around 3 and 1/2 or so hours at the Cataract Falls state recreation area and it’s a place I would HIGHLY recommend you visit if you live in Indiana. We had just the best time. Once we’d left I was a little sleepy and wanted to get some sun so I told Zach to drive and see if we found a big grassy area anywhere. When I saw a huge (and nice) high school, of course deserted for the holiday weekend, it was perfect. The bonus was that there were some disc golf baskets so Zach threw discs while I lay on the blanket and dozed/read. So peaceful.



Our next destination was Broad Ripple for dinner and we took a scenic route back toward Indy. It was a little earlier than dinner when we got there which was perfect since we wanted to beat the crowd. We were there to try out 317 Burger, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to since reading about it in Indy Monthly. We sat outside on the patio and perused the long list of unique burgers. I started with a side salad that was both plentiful and fresh to get some veggies in for Mama and baby!



For his burger Zach chose the “Strawberry Hill” burger – black angus, spicy strawberry compote, GTM bacon, ghost pepper cheese and peanut butter. Yes it sounds crazy and yes it was delicious!! He got sweet potato fries with caramel with it and a small side of mac and cheese.



Surprisingly I didn’t care for the mac and cheese! I only ate a bite and didn’t really like it but that was fine because I had plenty of delicious food of my own!!



My burger was “None the Wiser” – black angus, bbq sauce, pineapple, swiss cheese, jalapeños and bacon. I liked mine even better than Zach’s!! For my fry side I got poutine and it was incredible. I got full awfully fast and boxed up half my burger and half my poutine, looking forward to them as leftovers later. And left them in the car not to be found until the next day. So sad!! After dinner we walked down to Brugge Brasserie so Zach could have a beer that they had on tap. Water for me. 🙂 My treat was a miniature ice cream when we got back home while we watched Lord of the Rings (gotta start Izzy out young!). Absolutely the perfect day!!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 slice ww tst, fruit, 1/2 crepe
  • Lunch – PB&J on whole wheat, peach
  • Supper – salad, 1/2 burger, 1/2 poutine, mini ice cream

282 miles.

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