23 May

Anyone else obsessed with lists? I am so over-the-top organized that I practically have a list for all my lists! They keep me motivated and inspired and from feeling overwhelmed which is especially a must with less than 18 weeks until Izzy Marie arrives! So here I am going to lay out my ENTIRE pregnancy to-do list. I’ll update it as I accomplish things and add things and I will include things that I have already done just because I like to acknowledge completed tasks. 🙂 So in completely random order that probably won’t make sense, without further ado I present, the ultimate TO DO list!

  • Hire a doula (Got that one taken care of pretty quickly, can’t wait for our next meeting!)
  • Hire maternity photographer (Also got that one done right out of the gate)
  • Hire newborn photographer
  • Figure out who will take birth photos (My doula does this, double check!)
  • Finish researching products to register for/finish registry list
  • Register
  • Sign up for all childbirth classes
  • Take child birthing 101 class
  • Take breastfeeding class
  • Take care of newborn class
  • Zach attends daddy bootcamp class
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Clean out guest room to make into nursery
  • Turn office into guest room
  • Make nursery
    • tear up carpet
    • lay new flooring
    • paint walls
    • paint trim
    • take down closet doors
    • paint closet
    • put up closet curtains
    • black-out blinds
    • create wood wall
    • light fixture
    • build dresser
    • build crib
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Exercise (this one is on-going through the whole pregnancy but it’s a real task so it deserves to be on the list!)
  • Create birth plan
  • Have maternity shoot
  • Buy big nursery furniture (Family had already bought our crib and glider and we ordered our dresser with changing top which arrived quickly)
  • Buy yoomi bottles (we’re getting bottles from a specific site, not registering, so it needs to be a purchase we make instead of depending on others)
  • GO ON BABYMOON (It’s looking like June 19-21 right now)
  • Read books (ongoing process- read “What to Expect”, “The Pregnancy Bible” and “Exercising Through Your Pregnancy” so far. Up next – Ina May’s “Guide to Childbirth” and “The Nursing Mother’s Companion”)
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Doula meeting #1
  • Doula meeting #2

That’s all I’ve got for now but I KNOW this list has to be far from complete… 🙂



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