15 May

I will write a more in depth Baby Bean post later but I need to post about Weds/Thurs right now. I will say though that yesterday’s appointment was nothing but good news!!! Such a praise to God for that! It’s wonderful to be relieved and not worried now. 🙂

So back on Wednesday, which feels like ages ago, I was a bundle of nerves the whole day. I was continually in prayer but it was hard to concentrate on typical life when all I could think about was our ultrasound the next day! Life continues on though and I kept it as regular as possible doing the gazelle in the morning, watching the kids, having normal meals and getting a dinner ready for that night. Every Wednesday we go to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and Mom fixes us a meal. Well for Mother’s Day she said she wanted me to bring the meal over so I set to work picking one out. I wanted to go with something crockpot or casserole so it was easy to take over and I wanted to pick one I’d made before that we knew we liked. When I came across Ham ‘n Swiss Chicken from Best of Country: Slow Cooker Recipes I knew I’d found my winner.


I made this awhile back and compared it to a “deconstructed chicken cordon-bleu” which sounds pretty awesome. We raved over it and so it was time to dust it off and try it again! If you want to know how it’s made, refer to the last time I did it. The basic lowdown is –

  • chicken
  • thinly sliced deli ham
  • whole wheat bread
  • celery
  • onion
  • swiss cheese
  • milk
  • and other stuff.


I took a couple of pictures while making it but didn’t think to take any of it finished at Mom’s since I’m just used to not taking pictures over there! It was a nicer day for the kids to be outside and after work I showered before going to the parent’s house and riding the bike. I only did it for 15 minutes this week since I needed to work on dinner a little bit! I made salads for everyone and crescent rolls for the rest of the gang and when Dad got home we ate. They seemed to really enjoy it, Zach absolutely loved it (again) and I remembered why I made it the first time- such a great dish! And I’ll reiterate what I said the last time, for someone who hates any form of “soggy bread”, this is spectacularly good.

Watched a little Dancing with the Stars and then after we’d left and I realized I hadn’t done the other 15 minutes of the bike (which I’d meant to do), I had Zach go for a walk with me on the Greenway. It was a short one, right under 20 minutes, but still accomplished it’s purpose! Back at home we read a Dr. Seuss book to Izzy and I went to bed extra early knowing I was in for a rough night’s sleep…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/strawberries
  • Lunch – brussels sprouts, plum
  • Supper – salad, ham and swiss chicken

I was right. While I was never just laying there completely awake, I also felt like I was never really asleep. The whole night I tossed around and caught snatches of sleep in between wondering what the next day held. I finally rolled out of bed a good 30 minutes before my alarm just because I needed to burn nervous energy. So I still got my gazelle time in! I only worked for the first hour and a half of the day and then Vicki showed up and Zach and I took off for Indy. I took toast in the car but couldn’t even finish my slice I was so anxious! We were making good time on the interstate when suddenly the gas light dinged and I told Zach he’d better get off immediately (there was an exit less than a quarter mile ahead) because there weren’t good places to get gas and right as we were getting off we saw the stretch of interstate ahead. Stopped traffic for miles and miles! We agreed needing gas was a God thing because otherwise we would have missed our appointment for sure because we wouldn’t have seen the mess until it was too late! Luckily we were off the interstate and looked up an alternate route.

The appointment itself was better than anything I could have hoped for and I will write about it in detail later. Zach and I left in a haze of ecstatic happiness, smiling from ear-to-ear and repeatedly thanking God aloud for our news. We decided to go to brunch in celebration. 🙂 There’s a place near the Broad Ripple area called Mama Carolla’s that makes incredible italian food and we’ve been there before. Well right next door is their brunch/lunch counterpart, Good Morning Mama’s:



In every way that Mama Carrolla’s is rustic and authentic and subtle, Good Morning Mama’s is bright and vivacious and down-home. Zach ordered us a little plate of cinnamon-sugar italian biscuits to come out first and these ended up being the best part of the meal!


They were tiny and pillowy and warm and scrumptious! I don’t know what went better with them – the apple butter or their “famous” homemade strawberry jam that I would have bought LIKE SEVEN JARS OF if it would have been for sale!

For Zach’s breakfast he got some type of breakfast burrito that was actually just all right.



My hoosier version of loco moco though was very good!


We’ve had loco moco in Hawaii before (it’s traditionally a Hawaiian dish) and it’s egg, spam and brown gravy over rice. Well this was a biscuit with sausage gravy over an egg, your choice of spam or sausage (I chose spam) and your choice of cheesy grits or fried potatoes. I chose the grits but think I should have went with the potatoes instead. Other than that it was great!

We stopped on the way home and picked Izzy up a couple of adorable outfits to commemorate her good appointment and then it was back to work. I was starting to feel pretty exhausted by this point from the combination of a sleepless night, tons of adrenaline and then the excitement high, the crash was setting in! Luckily it was an easy afternoon that included sitting outdoors for recess so I was off work before I knew it. Zach and I were still in the celebrating mood (it was just SUCH a happy day for us!!) so we did something fun and went over to Marion to eat at Rosie’s for dinner.


With the exception of a couple of older people who left after we got there, we were the only people in the lounge area and it was fun having it all to ourselves! We got to talk and watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy haha! I am much better at Wheel of Fortune… Although I did do quite well in the literary category of Jeopardy. It was strange ordering my own dinner since I always eat pieces of Mom’s and Dad’s!!



Instead I ordered the lasagna with meatball and gave Zach half of each (the bigger halves…) and he gave me small portions of his spaghetti and veal parmesan. 🙂


It was a wonderful dinner with the best guy I could ever ask for! Seriously this man is a Godsend. Even if he did get to have a glass of wine with his meal. 😉 Stopped by my parents to share our new baby pictures and outfits and then home for much needed rest. Hooray for a healthy baby Izzy!!!


Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 3/4 slice of toast w/PB
  • Lunch – 2 mini cinnamon biscuits, 1/2 “hoosier” loco moco
  • Supper – salad, veg & cheese, a few toast squares, 1/2 meatball, 1/2 lasagna, 1/4 veal parmesan w/spaghetti

259 miles.


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