11 May

This is a big week coming up for us on the appointment front with a regular OBGYN checkup tomorrow and then our level II ultrasound on Thursday. Prayers that all of that goes well please!

Saturday morning when I got up Zach and his dad were already hard at work outside with a crew taking down a huge tree beside our house. The tree itself is fine but it’s roots are under the classroom and over the years have been shifting and tearing up the floor so it had to go. It was a nice big walnut so we will hopefully be able to get some money for the big 12 foot bulk section! While the boys were cutting up limbs and climbing all over the roof, I went down by my yoga studio early. I parked across from it and walked by the river for half an hour before my class started. I didn’t have an iPod or a book or anything and it was really nice to just have quiet time in my thoughts and talk to God while enjoying the beautiful morning and all the river creatures!

It was sunny the whole walk even though there were threatening clouds in the distance and I finished up just in time for yoga. There was only me and one other girl there this week and we had a sub for our instructor but it was a really good class! Sometimes a sub is nice because you get to experience so many new and different things and I enjoyed lots of things we hadn’t done before. Despite the dark clouds in the distance and the threats of thunderstorms later in the day, I stopped and got Mom after yoga to see if she wanted to lay by the pool with me. It took a little convincing but she ended up being glad she came. 🙂 We were out there for around an hour and both got some serious tan lines! Though it was pretty warm, well over 80, I never took the pool cover off to get in the pool, we just sunned in chairs beside it. I picked us up salads for lunch after and we ate on her back patio. Right as I was leaving to head to Zach’s soccer game the rain started coming down hard! That doesn’t deter the soccer players though so it didn’t deter solid fans either. 🙂


Vicki and I were out there in the rain for the end of the first half and then sat in my car for almost all of the second. We got to watch Zach score some goals and chat together and saw his team win the championship game of the season! It even stopped raining at the very end. 🙂 Back at home Zach and I cuddled on the couch a bit so his tired legs could have a break; he’d had a big day! When we were trying to decide what to do for dinner on a Saturday evening while everywhere is packed and it’s Mother’s Day weekend, we had the bright idea to go to Mancino’s to get food to go. Mancino’s is a pizza and grinder place that I don’t know why we don’t go there more often! The food is inexpensive and really good and yet I hadn’t eaten there in well over a year. We’re definitely going to have to start eating there more often. 🙂 The evening was lovely so we took our food and a blanket down by the river for dinner.



I got a slice of garlic cheese bread (but I let Zach have half) and a huge piece of pizza!


Zach had to help with that too. It’s called the “Charlie Cardinal” (Ball State University’s mascot) and has lots of meats on it. It is not my usual type of pizza, mine are typically veggie laden, but it is really delicious. Though I think I actually preferred Zach’s spicy grinder… We had the best time sitting there eating and talking in the peaceful evening time. Lots of “Izzy talk” dominates our time these days and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!




Muncie has a store called Once Upon A Child that is a resale shop where you can buy gently used kid’s clothes and items and we decided to check it out after dinner. A lot of the things looked too used to me but we did stumble upon the MOST adorable baby outfit that I absolutely snapped up and bought right then and there. I need to take a picture to share because it is just so sweet, Izzy’s first outfit from Mommy and Daddy. 🙂

We had some huge storms again when night fell and it was just the right setting for us to curl up on the couch with ice cream and Psycho. A wonderful Saturday!!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes, 1 sl. toast w/PB
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 1/2 pc. garlic bread, 1 pc. pizza, small ice cream

Sunday brought Mother’s Day. The circle of life is so bittersweet because it was Vicki’s first Mother’s Day without her mom and my Grandma’s first one without her mom but then on the other hand it was my first Mother’s Day AS a mom! We had church and then grocery shopping like normal but when I got home unexpected surprises awaited!



Zach wrote the 1st onto this ballon in permanent marker and it was there greeting me as soon as I came in the door. The back of the card told me to go to the living room and look above the TV-


A bouquet of peach flowers and an adorably sweet and romantic homemade card were there. Note 2 sent me to the bedroom…


A pink maternity shirt that says “Loading…” 🙂 It was too big but a ponytail holder at the back for the excess fabric made it work just fine! Note 3 said to change into the shirt and a casual outfit and then before I knew it we were on the interstate. While having normal conversation, when I said the words, “Where are we going?!” Zach produced note 4. It gave several options of restaurants we hadn’t been but wanted to visit and asked, “What does Izzy want to eat?”. “Izzy” chose Rock-Cola 50’s Cafe on the south-side of Indy for some good ol’ diner food. This was a charming little diner place where I got a genuine chocolate malt and Zach got this drink called Cho-Cola which was basically like chocolate milk.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

We got some onion rings to split which were cooked that perfect way with a really good crunch on the outside and the onion doesn’t pull out when you bite it. You know what I mean?! Zach ordered the smoked sausage sandwich-


And I got the “Hawg Dog”-


This was a jumbo-sized, all-beef hot dog topped with pulled pork and coleslaw. No, I didn’t finish it. In fact, we didn’t finish anything! The portions were huge and we boxed up some of both our meals, some onion rings and I got a to-go cup for over half the malt (which Zach ended up drinking in the car). My hot dog was excellent! I have never been a fan of thin, wimpy hot dogs (that are made with who knows what) but all-meat, big, juicy hot dogs that are cooked well are tasty to me.


In the car I got note 5 and we arrived at Kid’s Kloset- a children’s resale shop! Haha and I had no idea about any of this when I had him go with me the night before! My note gave me money instructing me to spend some on “baby clothes for baby Izzy and maternity clothes for Jordy”. 🙂 I came away with 2 pairs of maternity shorts (much needed for daycare!!), some neutral baby leggings with a little ruffle on the bottom and an outfit that I picked out specifically for her newborn photos – a crocheted white headband, a white flower with antique rhinestone brooch to clip onto headband and a peachy colored tutu with tulle and sparkles. Ohmyword the cuteness!!! It was such a special, fun and surprising day. I love that man with all my heart and then some!



When we got home we went off to do stuff with his mother for the evening and Vicki dropped off a sweet hanging planter for Mother’s Day to me-


I went over to my own momma’s to do nothing more than lay on her couches watching Dancing with the Stars, looking at baby clothes and eating the food Dad eventually brought us. She and I had done some stuff the day before and I’m making her dinner on Wednesday so actual Mother’s Day was low-key with her and that was just fine! Back home in the late evening I went for a neighborhood walk with a book (34 minutes) that would have been a little longer if my husband hadn’t have driven by in the car to scoop me up! He’d gotten home and set out in search of me to bring me home to him. 🙂 He always knows my walking routes. We finished Psycho and finished our first Mother’s Day. A special, memorable day indeed!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes
  • Lunch – a few onion rings, 1/2 “hawg dog”, 1/2 malt
  • Supper – salad, 1 1/2 breadsticks, alfredo

249 miles.

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