8 May

In the last general update I was at 14 weeks along, the baby was a dill pickle, I had just entered the second trimester and we had no idea if Baby Bean was a boy or a girl! From then it progressed to a pomegranate, a sweet potato, a zucchini and now a belgian endive (which is a really weird comparison). A belgian endive is a leafy plant in case you didn’t know! Obviously we know now that it is a girl (!!) and baby girl is approximately 9-10 inches and 9-10 ounces. They now do the measurements head to toe as opposed to crown to rump.

I hit the half-way point at 20 weeks and for the most part have been enjoying the “golden” second trimester. I haven’t been sick in weeks, much better energy level though still very worn down by the time bedtime rolls around and all foods are just fine by me again. I haven’t experienced too many new symptoms overall but there have been a few. At the end of last week I started getting red, itchy spots on my face (mostly jawline) that have been clearing up all week but I’m pretty sure they were due to sun sensitivity. I also got the first cold sore that I have ever had which wasn’t a fun experience! Especially since for a few days I had a couple of larger ones and several tiny ones all over my upper lip and the corners of my mouth.

My latest thing I am dealing with is, what I think, is a possible UTI. I’ve not had one of these before either (but obviously my pregnancy is introducing me to tons of new joys!) and I thought I had it a couple of weeks ago and it went away. Well since then I’ve had mild discomfort in my right kidney area just a couple of times a day. Then yesterday and today it’s been pretty consistent throughout the whole day so I actually called my nurse and am waiting to hear what they say about it. It’s funny because when people ask how my pregnancy has been, I always say “Great!” immediately and actually mean it. Compared to a lot of pregnancy horror stories out there I feel like my pregnancy has been incredibly mild, easy and even enjoyable. When I think of all the ailments it has caused me to have though it feels like I should have a more negative opinion of it but I just don’t! It’s almost like I consider all of those things separate from my pregnancy even though I know being pregnant and a weakened immune system is likely the cause of all of them. Let’s have a list-

  • Stomach flu
  • Fever
  • Hives
  • Double pink eye
  • Sinus infection
  • Sun rashes
  • Cold sores
  • Possible UTI

That doesn’t include the general headaches/nausea & vomiting/achiness/fatigue that are just common pregnancy side effects. 😉 Overall though, despite all of that, I have to say that (so far) I like being pregnant!

While I haven’t felt anything that I would call a solid kick yet, I definitely now feel “bumps” or “flutters” at least a few times a day that are unmistakably baby. I can’t wait until they are more solid! My at home scale still hasn’t changed, though the one at the doctor fluctuates slightly, but I know the baby is growing because my stomach is sticking out more and more to the point where I can’t suck it all in. Just the past few days I’ve started to feel like it is more permanently in the “out” position and the lower half is getting much harder where the uterus is positioned. When I google pictures of “20 weeks pregnant” women I am often a bit dismayed with my tiny bump (though I love it to pieces still!) compared to these women who look so obviously pregnant. People are awfully shocked when I tell them I am 20 weeks, half-way, and I know strangers would never think I looked pregnant yet (just maybe a little thick!) but I can tell a difference! As can friends and family who have known me all along. I’ve been taking progress pictures and my 20 week photo is DEFINITELY a good size bigger than back around 12 and 14 weeks. I guess for some people it just takes awhile!

We’re absolutely thrilled that it is a baby girl of course and I will feel so much better after next week’s appointments are over. We have a normal doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and then our level II ultrasound on Thursday morning. I’m already starting to feel a little nervous/anxious for that. Just hoping and praying that everything looks fine and Izzy is healthy and wonderful! I’ll be back with another Baby Bean post with hopefully good news after all of that is done…


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