5 May

Even though I went to bed a little later than usual on Friday night, I was still up by 7:30 on Saturday morning. Yuck. I just haven’t been sleeping as well lately! Kori and Shana were out sleeping on the couch (Kori has always preferred my couch to the guest bed haha!) so Zach and I hung out in our room for awhile on the computer, showering and reading before we finally emerged to get breakfast. While I planned out the menu for the coming week and made a grocery list, we made our plans for the day. Zach was going to be gone playing soccer and so it was just the girls and I! It was an absolutely beautiful Saturday so we all went for a walk. We parked out in the country by the Greenway but actually ended up walking the roads instead to Kori’s old farmhouse! She wanted to show Shana and take some pictures of it and it brought back all kinds of memories from elementary and junior high. 🙂 We walked a little over a mile total and then they were hungry so we went to BW3’s for lunch where it was incredibly dark inside, our service was terrible and I had a sub-par salad. Can’t win ’em all I guess! At least it wasn’t packed like everywhere else turned out to be because of Ball State University’s graduation!

We hit the store after lunch so I could get groceries and the girls could get some party supplies. Back at home they took a nap while I laid out on a blanket in the backyard soaking up some of the excellent sun with a book! So nice to be able to do things like that again. I only stayed out for close to an hour because I was off again, this time to Hillary’s for her open house. She graduated (from Ball State) with her teaching degree and of course I had to be there to celebrate her! And have cake. 😉 Zach got done with his soccer game and joined me for a bit before we went back to our house where Kori and Shana were hard at work making cupcakes.

Fast forward after a little downtime + taking pictures of me in both pink shirts and blue shirts for the reveal party-

IMG_0418 IMG_0429

Before going to dinner at Puerto. When you come back to Muncie, you HAVE to eat at Puerto of course. 🙂

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

Everyone else got margaritas so I got one too to feel festive!


Virgin of course. 😉 It was dark out by the time we were done but that did not deter us from our next activity – showing Shana Minnetrista and making Zach take a million ridiculously goofy pictures of us. I will spare you and share a minimal amount…

IMG_0448 IMG_0452 IMG_0461 IMG_0466 IMG_0472 IMG_0478 IMG_0486 IMG_0491 IMG_0497 IMG_0502 IMG_0507 IMG_0515 IMG_0518 IMG_0525 IMG_0531

Yes, that was a few. Haha! Kori also took some cute ones of Zach and I.

IMG_0541 IMG_0548 IMG_0559

We went downtown afterwards because we were supposed to meet one of Kori’s friends for a drink but we ended up just talking to her outside for a short bit. Saturday night there were boxing matches going on all night that were leading up to the main event – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. The fight wasn’t until 11:30pm and I was already beat by 10 but I couldn’t stand not doing something when everyone else was and missing what was supposed to be “the biggest boxing match of our generation”. So I champed it out. Which meant I kept falling asleep during the 3 minute rounds and waking back up to see what was happening, haha. Unfortunately the fight was rather boring and the better boxer, Mayweather, won predictably. I didn’t get into bed until almost 1:30am and I went to sleep knowing that in not too many hours we’d find out our baby’s gender!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – plum, 1 sl. toast w/jam
  • Lunch – salad, a few chips + dip, 1/2 pc. cake w/ice cream
  • Supper – chips and salsa w/queso, taco

Even though I had gone to bed later than I ever have since getting pregnant, I was up and anxious around 8:30 Sunday morning. Most of Sunday was posted about in yesterday’s “It’s A…” post and if you didn’t catch it it is up on the Baby Bean page! Definitely one worth checking out. 😉 I’ll just write a brief bit about the day in general. We got up and drove our cars to Zach’s parents which is where Hillary picked us up for church. We heard a great message about how God can do so much and has so much ability but sometimes what he is waiting for is for us to ASK. We did our usual kid’s grocery shopping after and had a quick lunch at Noodles and Co. The next huge chunk of the day was our gender reveal party (see previous post) which was one of the best days yet of being pregnant!! After everything died down and everyone had gone home we got to have some alone time to process our news. We went for a walk on the beautiful Sunday evening and just talked and talked about the party and our precious little girl! I never got all that hungry, excitement and cotton candy will do that, but we ended up getting small cups of soup and sprouted grain rolls from Panera that we ate with Parks and Rec. I was completely wiped out after the high of the day and we went to bed by 8:45pm. I needed a good, hard night’s sleep finally!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes
  • Lunch – salad, cupcake, cotton candy
  • Supper – sprouted grain roll, cup of soup

230 miles.


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