4 May


I don’t even know where to begin. My whole life I’ve dreamed of having a little girl and that dream is coming true!!!! I’d been psyching myself up for a boy and I really believe I was going to be fine and get excited about it but I couldn’t deny that up until I knew for certain I was hoping for a girl.

Sunday morning while Zach and I were out of the house, Kori and her friend Shana (who she brought from Georgia to help with the party) were decorating like mad. When we were finally allowed back at the house not all that long before the party, it looked AMAZING! Here are some pictures of the set-up:

IMG_0574 IMG_0571 IMG_0580 IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0590

There was even more but this is just a sampling! I couldn’t believe she bought all this stuff and brought it with her up from Georgia. Just seeing it all made me so excited, as if I wasn’t already excited enough. I hurriedly got ready for the party while people began arriving and it took a little bit before they stopped! All in all we had 28 people for our gender reveal and I felt so loved and blessed to have such great people in our lives.

Everyone showed up in either blue or pink, whatever their vote for the baby was. Zach and I were gender neutral but I was still thinking boy for sure! Apparently Zach, just that day, changed his mind to girl but he didn’t say anything about that early on. 🙂 People voted on the tally board and we had 17 votes for Boy and only 11 for Girl, honestly more girl votes than I expected too! Though my family was definitely representing girl…


Haha! As we waited for everyone to arrive, friends and family sat around talking and admiring Kori’s decorations (as well as our new living room!). Then once enough people had showed up Kori started a game. There were two babies on a coffee table surrounded by newborn diapers. You’d be blindfolded with a scarf and have to put the diaper on in the dark! We formed two lines and once you finished you had to blindfold the next person. The grandpas-to-be kicked us off. 🙂


The grandmas were next in line and further back Zach and I were set up to go against each other.

IMG_0615 IMG_0622

I’m on the right in the above picture shouting “Done!” while my husband is figuring all that out. 🙂 Though it’s not really fair since I change diapers on a daily basis! My team won by a hair and then we had a snack break. There were pink and blue drinks, pink and blue cotton candy, pink and blue pixie sticks and pink and blue cupcakes which were strawberry with a blue cheesecake filling. Adorable AND delicious! I started to eat my cupcake and had to put it down to eat later, I was too jittery for food! We all went outside for a group picture and you honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


All 28 of us squeezed in there thanks to my tripod. Then it was time for each group to represent their choice, the girl crowd:


And the boy:


Zach and I were in both of course. 🙂 Finally, FINALLY it was time. Kori had opened our envelope inside just minutes before and I couldn’t even look at her because I knew she knew what it was. We held it one last time-


Then each held up our vote, which is when I realized that Zach had changed his “98% sure it’s a boy” to girl!


Kori gave us each two cans of silly string wrapped in paper with pink and blue question marks on it and on the count of 3 we were told to start spraying one another. I was unimaginably nervous at this point waiting to see what color it would be…


Imagine our shock and confusion when it was green!


Her little joke, ha ha. It was actually cute and clever but in that moment I was like, “I just want to know!!!!” Also, ignore the poor choice of poofed out dress with stripes, it makes me look both wider AND more pregnant than I typically do. Ah well, too late now! Anyway, we were handed new cans and told to go again. I started spraying, expecting blue…



The delight on our faces says it all. We were SHOCKED and SOOOO happy to see pink!! Then I did something completely uncharacteristic for me-


I wouldn’t even call them tears of joy as much as tears of shock and utter surprise. I have never been one to cry when I am happy, though I am pregnant, but I am pretty sure it was the combination of all those things. My mom was pretty happy too…


Which is a complete understatement. 🙂 Zach wanted a little girl more than most guys I know and I was so happy not just for me, but for him too that he’d get a little princess, a daddy’s girl. He will be the most adorable dad to a baby girl I can hardly stand thinking about it!!!


We got pictures with lots of people and family after but I’m putting those all on Facebook and only sharing a couple on here.


We got a picture with my in-laws too but not on my camera!! I have to get pictures from Vicki and other people who were at the party still. And here she is, my best friend and the orchestrater of this whole incredibly amazing gender reveal-


I could not have asked for anything more!!! It was the most perfect day. 🙂 So there you have it, it’s a girl and SHE finally has a pronoun and we don’t have to call her “it” anymore. Our little Isabelle Marie. What a gift from God. 🙂


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