30 Apr

I realized on my last Baby Bean post that I didn’t put at the end what post to expect next. This post is about our 4th (I think?!) OBGYN visit, the big gender ultrasound. I was more and more nervous in the days leading up to this visit for a couple of things – that the baby would be developmentally on track and appropriate, that it would be healthy and that it would not be stubborn in revealing it’s gender! To help ensure that last one, I drank a LOT of cold water shortly before the visit and ate half of a cupcake since they say something sugary helps wake the baby up and keep it moving. It definitely worked because after a short wait and warm gel (I always thought it would be cold!) was coating my stomach, that baby was super active in there! It was waving it’s arms and kicking it’s feet, right into my enormously full bladder of course. 🙂 The ultrasound tech said my bladder was more full than most people’s and she showed us just how huge it was. So full in fact that she had me go to the bathroom halfway through because it was taking up so much room, haha. Guess I didn’t need a full 20 ounces just 15 minutes before…

As we watched the screen she pointed out little hands and feet, the head, the spine, the nose and mouth and pretty much all of the anatomy except for the heart because we couldn’t see it in the position the baby was in. As she pointed out all the different things we were looking straight down at the baby’s head and she suddenly says “Now, don’t be concerned but” UM HELLO I AM CONCERNED NOW! She proceeded to tell us that our baby had bilateral choroid plexus cysts (CPCs). Bilateral just means there are two, one on each hemisphere of the brain. That sounds scary but the cysts themselves are nothing at all to be worried about. They aren’t the same as fluid on the brain, they are equated more to blisters and apparently we all get them throughout our lives and they drain after a few weeks. In fact we were told our baby’s would be gone by 24 weeks most likely. The only thing about the cysts is that they are a soft marker for a chromosomal abnormality. This means that there is a weak association between a baby that has these show up on an ultrasound and a baby that has a chromosomal abnormality. Deep breath.

She said she would share the results with the doctor after our ultrasound and then our doctor would talk to us as well. Not to be worried because these are incredibly common, the most common of the soft markers, and it’s the only marker that presented itself. She went on to turn off the screen so she could search for gender without us seeing and she seemed to find it rather quickly! How fast she found it + the heart rate being at 140bpm now reallllly makes Zach and I think boy… She printed off a couple of pictures that we could have right away and the rest were on a disc. Here’s a profile shot of our sweet baby-



And here it is facedown, spine up (look at that dinosaur spine!), legs curled and feet kicking mama’s bladder like crazy!


On our disc we have more face pictures plus feet, hands, nose + mouth and much more but we can’t look at them until after Sunday because there are also the gender revealing pictures that say “I’m a boy!” or “I’m a girl!” We went out into the waiting room and sat there in silence and shock. After a few minutes I did exactly what the ultrasound tech said not to do and looked up CPCs. I only looked at one article though that just explained what they were and what they meant. After what seemed like an eternity of holding hands and holding back tears, feeling overwhelmed and confused, the doctor finally called us back. I got weighed in and was a pound and a half less than my last visit a couple of weeks ago but they seemed unconcerned about that as baby appears to be developing at just the right rate. We talked with her briefly and she told us she was ordering us a Quad Screen and referring us to a Maternal Fetal Medicine place in Indy where we would go have a level II ultrasound. She was very comforting and repeated multiple times how she has had to give some seriously bad news to parents and this was NOT bad news. That over her 7+ years of being an OB she has never had a patient whose baby presented only these that had a chromosomal abnormality. They just like to cover all their bases and check things out if anything ever strays from completely normal. This helped some but it was still scary.

We went downstairs and had more waiting before I could have my blood drawn for the quad screen. This is just a blood test that looks at the chances of a baby having spina bifida, down syndrome, trisomy 18 or other neural tube defects. The test can’t tell you anything exact and false positives are SO common (which is why I had initially rejected the test when offered a few weeks earlier) but it gives you a ratio such as – you have a 1/52 chance of having a baby with Downs or a 1/1,000 chance of a baby with Downs. The results go off to be tested so that’s another part of the waiting game to hear those. Since we’ve found out this news I received a call from Maternal Fetal Medicine (thankfully they called within a couple of days) that schedules our level II ultrasound for Thursday, May 14th. It will be a long two week wait…

Usually playing google doctor is terrifying and always a bad idea but in this case, so far, it’s been nothing but comforting. I’ve read SO many incidences of moms who this has happened to and the outcome is almost always fine. It seems overall like a lot of stress and worry over nothing. In fact, I have not come across a single incidence where a baby had chromosomal abnormalities when CPCs were the only soft marker present. Zach and I are praying and trusting in God that all will be well with our baby but above all that no matter what happens He has the ability to use any situation for good! Stay strong Baby Bean, you are a fighter like your mama and we’re going to get through this!


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