29 Apr

What was the last day I even posted about? Friday?! It’s been crazy around here… Let’s see. Saturday morning I got up and ate my breakfast but wasn’t able to spend the time I usually spend just lounging around for awhile. I had to be at Wal-Mart shortly after 9 for an eye exam. I didn’t realize it until the eye doctor told me, but the last time I went in there for an exam and new contacts was in 2009!!! I’m a bad eye patient. I absolutely had to go in now because my glasses are broken, I’m out of contacts and I needed a new eye exam to be able to get those things. Apparently I last bought a year’s worth of contacts at the last appointment and then stretched them for like 5 years…yikes. Amazingly he said my prescription had not changed more than a smidge and my eyes had no damage from the years of wearing contacts that I shouldn’t. I promised to be more vigilant about changing them this time around! After my exam I came home and changed and headed right back out for yoga! Zach was working the whole morning on our living room, it’s REALLY coming along. It was a gray, very rainy day and was a bit chilly in the studio but after having missed prenatal yoga for a couple of weekends in a row it was nice to be back. An hour later I went to Mom’s to eat some of her food for lunch, hang out a bit and watch some Dancing with the Stars. It was a good day for sitting and tv watching. I didn’t stay long though because I needed to get home and shower before it was on to the next thing. We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at Zach’s parents house sorting pictures and working on picture boards of his Grandma Evelyn, going through pictures for the slideshow and video, funeral planning and eating some Puerto that Ron kindly picked up for us! It was a good time for family to be together and a good amount got accomplished. We went home completely wiped out and rented Fight Club to watch with a root beer float before going to bed for much-needed sleep. Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – salad, mac and cheese
  • Supper – chips w/queso and salsa, taco, root beer float

We got such good sleep that we were both up before 8:30 on Sunday morning wondering what to do with ourselves! We had an incredibly busy day ahead of us but it felt like it wouldn’t really get started until after church which isn’t until 10:30. Then I had the bright idea that we should go to our Harvest South location that has service before our Harvest East at 9:30. This was a great idea! Not only did we get tiny, mini-muffins (seriously tiny, I ate mine in one bite!) and get to see church people who we don’t see as often, but we were done and on with our day by 11:20. Usually we aren’t out of church until close to 12:30! We did Mom’s and ours Aldi shopping at the Aldi on the south side of town and it was like walking through a mirror. Everything was completely backwards! The whole store was set up in reverse and everything was on the wrong side of the aisle. It made it challenging to find the food. Zach thought it was like a game. 😉 Back at home we fixed up food, whole wheat grilled cheese is my new favorite thing lately, before working on some house projects. We ran around and did some shopping at Lowes and Menards and before we knew it we were getting ready for Grandma Evelyn’s viewing. We were about to walk out the door when Zach got blood from his hand on his dress shirt. Insert a very quick change and me soaking the shirt in cold water to deal with later. There was a private family viewing for an hour before the public viewing and just a handful of us were there to see her. Everything was set up so nice, we ended up being able to have the slideshow going and Evelyn looked great. That always sounds strange to say, but when you have seen someone in the hospital and know how rough they look, it’s wonderful to see how nice they fix them up. It was tough for Zach at first but as the night went on you are so busy talking to all the family and friends who come to visit that you barely have a moment to dwell. There was a good turnout of people and while it never turned into a long line, there was a steady flow the whole time until the end. There was also a room that had food where I got some fruit more than once to keep my blood sugar up, it was a long time of standing! It was good to see all the people who loved Evelyn and her family and showed up in support and memory and I know Zach appreciated it. He did incredibly well the rest of the night and was just hungry by the time we were finished close to 8:30. I told him to pick whatever sounded good and we ended up with Steak ‘n Shake back at home to eat while finishing Fight Club (what a twist that movie has!) before crashing once again. Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries, mini-muffin
  • Lunch – salad, grilled cheese
  • Supper – fruit, fries w/cheese, pepperjack melt 

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