20 Apr

Let’s talk a topic I love…exercise! I’ve been reading a book called Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Dr. Clapp which is a very informative read, especially for anyone who has concerns and fears about, well, exercising during pregnancy. I knew from before I ever conceived that I wanted to exercise, in a healthy way, as much as I could during my pregnancy. I knew the rule of thumb was if you could do it before, and it’s not a risk to baby (like outdoor cycling, skiing, certain ab workouts, etc.), then you could keep it up. Just don’t start trying to train for anything new or push yourself harder than you were prior to getting pregnant.

When I first found out we were expecting I did make some cuts right away, one of those being my beloved TRX. In retrospect I probably could have kept it up and just modified some moves but at the time I was unsure of what was too much and TRX can be so intense that I didn’t want to do anything, especially during that heightened risk of miscarriage, to cause problems. I also cut out spin but that’s more because of my schedule than anything. I know I could keep up spin the whole time and even pop in right now if I wanted and take a class, but Wednesdays had turned into the night I always go to my parents for dinner and I just ride the bike over there instead. I did start walking more frequently but nothing lasted for long because BOOM I was hit with the insane fatigue and morning sickness that pretty much dictated my life for several weeks. I was able to keep up doing my gazelle for the most part every weekday morning but most of my other workouts suffered. I always keep a list on my refrigerator of weekly workout goals and I modified it when I got pregnant. For a few weeks I was so exhausted I didn’t make a list at all, but here’s a picture of the first workout checklist I made after getting pregnant:



As you can see it was a very small and easy list but I barely accomplished anything off of it! Everything just seemed so hard and overwhelming in those first few weeks. As time went on and I eased out of the first trimester (and out of hives and stomach flus and fevers and sinus infections…) I took the running miles down to 3, added more things each week and got better and better at accomplishing most of my list. You guys know what I do cardio-wise because I blog about it, but here are all the other things that don’t necessarily get mentioned:


That’s my list from last week and as you can see I added squats, lunges, indoor biking, 30 second planks and included the gazelle since I do that anyway. That list was mostly completed- I actually thought I had all my pushups in or I would have done them, the prenatal yoga was skipped because of ligament pain and I wanted to double check with my OB that it was okay to do even through that and the running is still my toughest one to fulfill. Since last week I’ve already added on a new exercise, 20 tricep dips 3 times a week.

While my exercises are much more moderate than they were prior to Bean, overall I feel pretty good about the variety I am getting in as well as consistency and several of the things on there are specifically geared to help facilitate an easier labor. I’ll have to share an update in a couple of months of what my list looks like. Who knows how much or little I’ll be doing by then?! For now though, as long as baby and doctor don’t advise against it, I plan to continue to workout out as hard and often as I am able!


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