19 Apr

Today is a lazy, dreary, rainy day but the first part of the weekend was absolutely perfect! Friday dawned incredibly foggy; so much so that school was actually cancelled for some of my kids older siblings so I ended up with unexpected kids that day! Oftentimes during school closures or holidays I have kids come who had previously “graduated” from my daycare. Crazy to have a closure at the end of April though. I did my gazelle and then experienced that weird non-hunger that I’ve been doing sometimes lately. I just absolutely felt full as though I’d just eaten a meal and wasn’t hungry for anything that I could think of. I finally had a piece of fruit late morning just to eat something. Lunch was more of the same, I made one small chicken taco with a whole wheat tortilla and ate a few bites here and there of other foods for baby’s sake.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and we spent a longer recess than usual outdoors, soaking up the sunshine. When I got off work I had a limited amount of time to get all dolled up for a wedding. One of Vicki’s best friend’s daughter was getting married and it was also a girl we had went to school with.  It was a little bit of work finding a dress to wear. I’m discovering things are not fitting so well these days, really due more to chest than belly currently! Haha. But I made something work.


Of course I make my husband match me always. 🙂


The wedding was at a park inn and it was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery! Ron and Vicki and us all rode together and we arrived early enough to squeeze in some pictures before the wedding.

IMG_0320 10570382_827508120670554_198394081242532455_n


By this time I was getting really, really hungry and we were allowed to eat some food from the spread before the wedding so of course I had to partake of that. They had a setup of meatballs, chips and salsa, veggies and dip, fruit and dip, cheese and crackers and dip, cookie trays, brownies and small dessert bites. We ate a little, enjoyed a very brief ceremony, we all traipsed down a hill to form a heart around the couple (it was a small wedding) and there was some dancing. Zach and I only slow-danced at the beginning though because then I was ready to eat some more food! Although overall I didn’t really eat as much as I expected, there were a few things I didn’t eat at all including not touching the cookie tray. BUT Zach and I did try all 6 different dessert bite offerings! Haha!



I usually ate one bite or maybe two and Zach ate the rest except for one cheesecake piece that I’m pretty sure I barely shared. 😉 We weren’t staying very late but we did manage to grab a picture with Nikki before we left.


Then it was back home where I went to bed immediately, anything past 10 becomes to late for me!!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – peach
  • Lunch – chicken taco, carrots and dip, a few grapes
  • Supper – veggies, crackers and dip, meatballs, fruit, brownie, dessert bites

Saturday morning was even more beautiful than the day before! I woke up, wasn’t hungry, but knew I wanted to get out on the Greenway so I made myself eat. Had about a handful of grapes and PB&J on one of the tiny tortillas. Blue skies, no clouds, bright sun and 72+ degrees. Let me tell you, I got HOT on this run for the first time! I walked half a mile, ran half a mile, walked half a mile, ran half a mile, walked half a mile and ran half a mile in 46 minutes for 1.5 miles run and 3 miles of cardio total. Not bad for this pregnant momma whose stomach is constantly having the aches and stretching pains of ligaments even when I’m totally still!

After my run I had wanted to make a trip to Indy to get a few makeup essentials from Sephora that I’ve been out of for ages. Now that taxes are paid and I have slightly more expendable income for a brief time it seemed like a good idea. I had checked with Mom in the morning before my run to see if she wanted to accompany me even though I knew she’d have to stay in the car the whole time and of course she did. She was just glad to get out of the house on a nice day and I was glad for the company! We drove down there, she read in the car while I grabbed my stuff and then we headed back home all without incident.

Once I’d dropped her off it was straight to the soccer field to watch Zach play in his adult league. He scored two goals and sent kisses over to me on the sidelines like when we were in high school. 🙂 He’s always been so sweet! During the game I ate an apple. At like 2:45pm and this was the first thing I’d had since breakfast. I was just so. not. hungry. I only ate the apple because I knew I needed to eat SOMEthing and I could tell my blood sugar was low. And after I ate that apple I felt incredibly full. It’s very strange… Zach had to ref the game right after his so I went back home and vegged out for a bit until he was done. We hung out and talked, took a drive and still by 8pm I wasn’t hungry for anything for dinner. I had been thinking I’d be suddenly ravenous at some point but that just wasn’t happening! Zach was getting hungry though so I finally told him to get Pizza King, a much smaller pizza than we would usually get, and we picked it up to take home. We ate while finishing Amadeus which was strangely entertaining and I had 3 pieces of the pizza. If you know Pizza King’s small squares you would know that I normally would have at least double that amount but once again my body wasn’t having it. I’m hoping this doesn’t become common because believe it or not, I LIKE my appetite!! Off to bed after the movie, while hoping to be hungrier the next day!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes, pb&j mini wrap
  • Lunch – apple
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks w/cheese, 3 pcs. pizza

197.5 miles. 12 running miles.


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