17 Apr

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day and I already have plans to let the kids play outside alllll afternoon. 🙂 Yesterday was gray and drizzly though, but not enough to stop Zach and I from going for a walk! In the morning I did my gazelle and decided to do something different for breakfast. I’d seen pictures before of eggs baked in avocados and I wanted to try it out. I found from looking at several “recipes” that it was basically just scoop a little more avocado out of a half and then spoon the egg in and cook it in a ramekin.

IMG_0299 IMG_0300

In case you’ve ever had trouble removing the pit from an avocado, here’s my foolproof way:


Just whack (technical, I know) a sharp knife into the pit and gently twist and it comes right out!


Most things I saw said 15 to 20 minutes at 425 but mine ended up taking almost 25, the whites just wouldn’t finish! I probably overcooked it some but since I’m pregnant, overcooking was better than undercooking. It came out hot and ready for toast spreading.


I smeared pieces of avocado + egg onto whole wheat toast and it was really quite good! I wished the yolk hadn’t been SO cooked but overall I still liked it a lot. Paired with grapes, this meal definitely had pretty much everything it needed to be a balanced breakfast! The day went smoothly and after work and a shower we ate some leftovers and watched Amadeus before going for a walk. It may have been gray but it was still warm out and we had a nice 40 minutes on the Greenway during which we ended up discussing various adventures and things from past vacations. We determined we have done some pretty amazing and fun things together in our lives so far! 🙂 We did some running around then I settled in with Netflix and a snack while Zach had to go by Steven’s. I didn’t make it much past 9:15 before it was bedtime yet again!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg in 1/2 avocado, 1 pc. tst., grapes
  • Lunch – apple w/PB, chips w/cheese and salsa
  • Supper – shrimp pasta, cupcake

193 miles.


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