16 Apr

Why is it so hard to live in the moment when you are pregnant?! I am working on enjoying each day to it’s fullest but I am insatiable with my countdowns. The last couple weeks it has been “next appointment…next appointment” and now as soon as that was done it’s “next appointment…next appointment”, especially knowing that the next one is an ultrasound!! It’s our big gender ultrasound but we actually won’t be finding out what we’re having that day. We’re waiting to be surprised along with everyone else at our gender reveal party 5 days after that. So that’s pretty much consuming my thought process now. 🙂

But life happens regardless of where your head is at! Tuesday, on our appointment day, it began like any other day with the gazelle and breakfast. Then of course we had our doctor visit, if you didn’t see how that went, refer to the last post. Back home to finish out the workday and get a workout in. Zach was making dinner that night so after I got off I laced up and set out my front door for a neighborhood run. I ran 1 mile out and then walked the mile back while reading. I don’t run nearly as often as I’d like these days but every time I get one in I absolutely love it!! The hardest part right now is how short of breath I get. It’s amazing to me just the little things that make me winded so you can only imagine how out of breath I become when I run!

Back at home Zach had a fantastic dinner ready for us!


Awhile back he bought his mom a cookbook and thought several recipes looked good so he took photos on his phone to make sometime. Well this is the second he has made so far and they are both incredible! I told him if the next one turns out this awesome we need to just buy the cookbook. 🙂 This recipe was for jerk chicken tacos. He made them in the crockpot with various seasonings and shredded the chicken after it cooked awhile.


He also made a salsa from avocado, mango, lime juice and red onion among other things. Such a fresh  salsa with bright flavors!


We ate them on tiny whole wheat tortillas and they were phenomenally good. Especially when we added a little greek yogurt for dipping.


A make-again recipe that I wish I had somewhere more permanent than Zach’s phone. Perhaps I need to just go after that book anyhow…


We started on our next top 250 movie, Amadeus, which is all about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (who else?). It makes Mozart out to be quite the buffoon. Not sure how factual it all is, waiting to research it until after the film is over. We also went for a drive to have ice cream and view the beautiful sky (I was camera-less unfortunately). A good ending to a great day!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 sl. tst, grapes
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 2 chicken tacos, small ice cream

Wednesday was a lovely, though a bit windy, day and I got to take the kids out in the afternoon. Looking forward to getting out of the rainy season so that’s more consistent! I convinced my husband to make me an egg and cook me some spicy summer sausage for breakfast (over 175 degrees of course). Then did the gazelle in the morning and the bike at Mom’s after work for 30 minutes. The bike makes me more out of breath than anything, even running, but I know I am building up my stamina because I watch my average speed the whole time and several weeks ago it was between 8 and 9 and now it’s always between 10 and 11!

Poor Mom’s feet haven’t been doing so well lately but she is still such a trooper and cooks us dinner every week. I’ve had dinner there every Wednesday (maybe a Tuesday once?) since I got pregnant. Baby Bean will recognize Nana Jan’s cooking! 🙂 Last night was an italian feast of garlic bread, sautéed zucchini and a ravioli bake. Nothing wrong with that! Back at home we watched some more Amadeus before I went to bed at like 9pm. I was just completely wiped out all of the sudden. Zach, bless his heart, came to bed with me because he is so sweet (seriously I don’t ask him too, he just says he wants to be with me and snuggle) and just did stuff on his tablet for awhile. I was out almost immediately though, must have needed it!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg w/tst, 2 slices summer sausage, grapes
  • Lunch – plum, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers
  • Supper – 1 pc. garlic bread, zucchini, ravioli

189.5 miles. 10.5 running miles.


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