15 Apr

Third appointment in the books!! Yesterday (April 14) we went in for our third appointment and I am finally back to what my starting weight was at the first appointment. So technically I haven’t gained weight in this pregnancy yet but actually if you look at the weight I’ve lost and put back on, I’m growing! Except this time instead of being distributed it all seems to be right in my midsection. Old pants all wearable but unbuttoned, t-shirts getting slightly shorter, jackets not zipping very well… Just feeling a bit thick still mostly but you can see a permanent bump there now!

The appointment was a short one, nurse just took my blood pressure and had me pee in a cup before our doctor came in. She asked if we wanted to do the optional bloodwork for the quad marker testing which we opted out of. The tests raise flags if there is a possibly of downs syndrome or some other abnormalities but the amount of false positives it produces to the few truly positive results are not something I want on my plate. They say the majority that get flagged in this test don’t actually have anything wrong and I’d rather spare myself the worry and anxiety!

We asked a few questions that we had and then she came over to find the heartbeat. First she always feels around on my stomach, I’m assuming checking uterus positioning and such, and she says, “Do you work out or did you work out before pregnancy?” I told her that yes, I worked out quite a bit and while dialing back I have still been exercising consistently. Her response, “Well your ab muscles are INCREDIBLY strong!” Well thanks, I always knew I had strong stomach muscles under a layer of a little bit of fat. 😉 She says that this is why it is taking me sooo long to show and that it will probably be a few more weeks before I truly “pop out”. According to her this should help my body bounce back more quickly after delivery. Here’s hoping! She also remarked “Let’s hope you don’t have a c-section because they aren’t going to be able to get through there!” Um. Not sure how much of that was joking but I’m hoping that’s not the case too!

After this ab muscle conversation and her remarking how much she’s looking forward to seeing if we have a blue eyed or brown eyed baby (which people are always saying to us), she checked for the heartbeat. She picked it up immediately but then lost it and said, “That baby is moving and kicking in there!” I was like “Really? Cause I can’t feel a thing!”. Haha, soon I hope. Though I did have an unusual bubbly feeling two days ago that was brief and unexplained… Very quickly she locked back into the heart again and we heard it strong and clear for a good 30 seconds or so at 150bpm. So sweet and reassuring. 🙂 Another great appointment and less than 2 weeks until the big gender ultrasound!

Next baby post: Exercising during pregnancy


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