14 Apr

Sunday showed up absolutely gorgeous out. I had a leisurely morning with Netflix and making oatmeal, then Hillary picked me up for church as Zach was already there for sound booth. After service we ran and got the kids groceries + Mom’s kids groceries and I was feeling stuffed up and sleepy and lazy when we got back home as well as not hungry. I vegged out a little bit on the couch on my laptop while Zach worked in the backyard for about 30 minutes and then I dragged myself up. I didn’t care if I was tired, it was a beautiful day and it was not to be wasted! Cammack Station, a cute little diner that is only open in the warmer months, has recently opened back up and we decided to hit it for lunch. Several things looked good so we decided to share all of it! Except for Zach’s root beer float, he mostly drank all of that. 🙂


We got a side of potato salad, a ridiculously good chili dog (in front of me),


And a burger on texas toast with pepperjack, jalapeños and a spicy cream cheese spread.


It was alllll good. The perfect lunch on a day like that! We were going to walk next and do some reading later but the sun was calling my name so I switched the agenda around. Zach had a place in mind where we could lay out on our blanket and read and even though the road was right on the other side of the hill we were completely secluded.


It was sooo nice. For an hour we laid out on the blanket and read and I got in a catnap and got some sun! Then I was ready to walk. 🙂 We parked at Red Lobster to hop on the Greenway and walk the 15 minutes to Mom’s, take a drink and water break, and walk 15 minutes back to the car for a 30 minute walk. While still warm, it was very overcast by this point and I was definitely glad we got our sun time in first! Back at home I colored while Zach did a little more outdoor work (he’s got a project that I’ll write more on later) before rejoining me for a dinner of leftovers. We finished The Shining (not too scary he said) which is a great movie and the kid in it is phenomenal! We also finished our other dessert. Zach ate a little more than half the carrot cake and I ate what was left. 🙂

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/strawberries
  • Lunch – 1/4 chili dog, 1/2 burger, 1/2 potato salad
  • Supper – risotto, 1/2 pc. cake

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep the greatest Sunday night which always leaves me a bit tired on Monday, though I still gazelled. I also was strangely not hungry AT ALL. Like I felt really full for some reason. I finally made myself eat a bowl of raspberries but it was like when I finished I couldn’t take one more bite. Very weird. Then when lunch rolled around I still wasn’t hungry but decided to make myself a simple grilled cheese with cheddar and whole wheat bread. While I ate my sandwich I was suddenly really hungry again but mostly for carbs! I melted some more of the cheddar on tortilla chips and ate them with salsa and then was full again. A very unusual eating day…

The morning was beautiful but by afternoon our rain had returned so the kids were kept inside. This allowed me to put together the meal for the night though. We were originally supposed to have Bible study on Tuesday but it got moved to Monday so I had to clean (Zach was home doing a lot of physical outdoor work and he cleaned too) and change my dinner plan. On Bible study nights I need something I can make ahead of time that can cook during or at the end of our study. I moved my Shrimp Noodle Supreme to that night and got to work putting it together. By this time (late afternoon) Zach was done with his outdoor work, right before the rain came, and he was a big help. I could tell him to do things while still keeping an eye on the kids as well. Nice to delegate work sometimes. 🙂

This recipe came from Treasury of Creative Cooking and was put into the casserole dish in layers. Layer one- cooked spinach noodles mixed with 3 oz. of fat free cream cheese.


Layer two – shrimp cooked in butter then seasoned with S+P. It wanted 24 oz. of shrimp to be cooked in a HALF CUP of butter. No. I am a proponent of using real butter to your advantage but that was outrageous. I used less than half of that and honestly it still seemed like too much.


Layer three – a mix of chopped chives and parsley, dijon mustard, light mayo, sour cream (I used greek yogurt), cream of mushroom and half-and-half.


Layer four – cheddar cheese. I popped this in the oven with 25 minutes left of our study (Isaiah chapter 2 and we had a new person join us!) and it was ready when we were done.


We sprinkled a little paprika over the top and this was GREAT!


I absolutely loved this pasta recipe. There were so many flavors and the spinach noodles were good for something different.

IMG_0279 IMG_0280

This is one to remember for a later time. 🙂 Dinner was served with Parks and Rec, we are still slightly bereft without Dexter and need to find our new drama. Zach had to go after we ate and I went to bed pretty early though it took me a lot longer than usual to fall asleep. I hope I’m not already getting into that stage of “pregnancy makes it tough to sleep”…!!!!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – raspberries
  • Lunch – grilled cheese, chips w/cheese and salsa
  • Supper – shrimp noodle supreme

182.5 miles.


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