13 Apr

Tomorrow is appointment day! 🙂 Despite being excited for that though I still really took time to enjoy my weekend. Friday after the gazelle and workday (with rain and thunder for the 4th day in a row!) Zach and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. At least the weather has been clearing up in the evenings so that we are able to enjoy some outdoor time. It was windier than we initially realized so we kept our walk to 21 minutes before calling it quits. We went to Concannon’s because I decided I was going to want a snack later and Zach got a piece of carrot cake while I got my usual piece of cheesecake. The pieces they gave us were ENORMOUS. We also swung by Family Video to pick up a movie. I had Zach pick one off our top 250 list that he really wanted to see or had seen before but wanted me to see and he chose Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He has wanted me to see that FORever. We went to Puerto for dinner and enjoyed Mexican food and then came home to watch our movie. Another beautiful sunset on the way home!


We were both full enough for dinner that we never ended up getting hungry for our snacks! Instead we watched a little over half the movie and went to bed by 10, haha. Snacks for a later date. 🙂

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, grits w/egg
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – chips and salsa w/queso, enchilada

Waking up before 8:30 on a Saturday morning is fine when you still get over 10 hours of sleep! Saturday was promising to be a full day so we got right to it. While we had some breakfast we finished our movie from the night before. What a very strange film. Haha Zach loves it because he grew up watching it with his friends and I definitely thought parts were funny but so much of it was also downright bizarre. British humor… We did some menu planning and I showered and dried my hair. I was going to go to yoga like I always do Saturday mornings but I decided against it this week. I think the baby must be having a growth spurt because starting Thursday and continuing through the weekend I had all kinds of aching and stretching feelings and occasional sharp twinges (but nothing that was worrisome). This must mean I am growing too, I hope so! I have a really firm wall of muscle under my skin and I think that’s perhaps part of the reason it’s taking sooo long for me to show. One of my Facebook friends due the day before me looks 3 times more pregnant than I do! Maybe all of these feelings mean things are changing around and I’ll “pop” soon. 🙂 So all that to say that whenever I twisted or stretched it just was uncomfortable and I so I opted out of yoga. I’m going to double check with my OB tomorrow that it’s alright to go even when I’m feeling that way.

Instead I went out on the Greenway for a 50 minute, 3+ mile walk. While slightly chilly enough to need a jacket (my North Face which has always fit just right barely zipped up over my tummy!) it was otherwise beautiful out. Sunny, not too windy and not a cloud in the sky. It also ended up being serendipitous that I didn’t go to yoga because I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do what I did next. On a whim I called up my dad at work and asked if he wanted me to take him to lunch. We met at Noodles and Company where I got my favorite med salad and bought daddy lunch. He’s been so busy with work and helping out at Grandma and Grandpa’s and has been stressed out and I thought it might be nice. 🙂 He seemed so thankful and happy that I’d asked and it was great getting to talk and have lunch together, it’s been ages since the last time just the two of us went out for a meal!

I ran some errands after lunch, returning our movie and picking up a new one, getting a birthday present for a party later that day, then went to visit with Mom for awhile. Both her feet are giving her problems now and she’s back to not hardly doing anything so we watched some Dancing with the Stars and just hung out for a bit. Then I had to get back home and get ready for Natalee’s 2nd birthday party.


Her brother Noah just had one last month and now it’s her turn! They are the ones who are in my daycare and are also family through Zach. Zach was at a soccer game but I went to represent our little family. Technically Bean went too. I turned down the pizza knowing I was eating with Zach later and turned down the cupcakes knowing I had cheesecake at home still! After the party I met up with Zach at home and we decided on sushi for dinner. Yummm. The last time we went to Domo we wrote down each roll we got and rated it. We did the same thing again this time and got 3 new rolls. We figure a few more times of this and we will have tried every roll they have (that doesn’t have raw fish obviously) and know our favorites! The choices for this night were a spider roll, a crunch roll and an Arizona.


The crunch was both of our favorites hands down! After dinner we took pity on my poor, invalid mother and went over there to play a game with her. Zach had some wine but Mom had just taken meds and I am obviously not drinking so Mom and I cheersed with our sparkling water. 🙂


I picked out Word Yahtzee because we hadn’t played in years and years and I thought it looked fun. Well there was a reason we hadn’t played in years and years. It’s not as much fun as it looks! Not even to a wordsmith like me… For one thing the game takes an incredibly long time and it’s just really quite hard. Zach was thankful that Dad came home just a couple rounds in and I let him bow out to watch sports. Even with just Mom and I playing the stupid game took well over an hour and a half!! Of course that’s partially due to my innate competitiveness that won’t allow me to not try even when I know I’m losing and it’s taking forever. And lose I did. Don’t think we’ll be playing THAT game again any time soon…

Back at home I popped in my IMDB top 250 pick of the weekend, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Zach isn’t a huge horror movie fan but he tolerated my choice rather well. 🙂 Instead of each eating our own dessert from the night before, we shared my piece of cheesecake because the portions were just so. big. And also apparently my cheesecake was more appealing to Zach than his previous pick… We only made it through about an hour of the movie (thanks Word Yahtzee) before turning in.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries, 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 1 1/2 sushi rolls, 1/2 pc. cheesecake

I was planning on writing about Sunday as well but this post has gotten much too long! More tomorrow. 🙂

179.5 miles.


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