9 Apr

The last I did a general update on baby’s size it was a jalapeño, and that was back at week 13. Since then it has progressed to a beet, an avocado and now a whole dill pickle. Measuring approximately 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces, baby is growing in there! Perhaps the biggest news is that I left the first trimester behind. At week 14 I entered the 2nd trimester and did so happily! With the exception of a few brief moments the nausea has been completely gone, I haven’t thrown up at all, cooking is fun again and for the most part all foods are good to me (still haven’t tried cooked broccoli or brussels again yet…). Some days I have a lot more energy in the daytime while others I am still pretty exhausted; regardless of the day though I am still always tired by about 9 at night! Nasal congestion has been bad the past couple of weeks due to a combination of kids having colds, allergy season and just being pregnant in general. Apparently nasal congestion is a common side effect of pregnancy. I’ve also experience the occasional pimple on my chin. They are small and flesh-colored and I know no one else would notice them, but coming from a girl who never has any form of breakout, I notice them!

In the first few weeks of pregnancy I dropped about 8 pounds and after I was done being sick I put about 2 1/2 back on but so far that’s all the weight I’ve gained. The past 3 weeks the scale is always the same or slightly down. They say you put on about a pound a week in 2nd trimester which hasn’t proved true for me yet but I’m sure it’s coming! I’ve got a Facebook friend who is due the day before me and my goodness do we look different! Her 16 week picture looks most definitely pregnant and I am still dealing with just being a little thicker. I wear maternity jeans for the comfort factor but can also wear all my old ones too with a hair tie. If I stand just so and wear skintight clothes and push out my belly a little then there is a bump…a really small bump. I’m told that before I know it I’ll be getting huge and want to stop growing so much but I’ve got to say, right now I’d really like to look genuinely pregnant! It’s got to be coming…

The baby itself is supposed to be looking a lot like a baby now, just a really tiny one. It’s arms and legs are getting longer and it’s body in general is becoming more proportionate to it’s head. The eyes are still fused shut but it can detect light from outside the belly which is crazy. It’s little body can pump over 25 quarts of blood a day from the heart and it’s bones are hardening. They say it can be detected by ultrasound now what gender is and we’ll know boy or girl in just 24 more days!!!! April is so far the longest month of my life. 😉

Changing gears: you know from my blog one of the things in life I have the greatest affinity for, pictures. They’re so important to me which is why I started researching maternity photographers from day one. I specifically say maternity because I am not 100% sure if I will want the same photographer for newborn photos. Different photographers have different areas that are their forte and just because someone takes great pictures of adults posing doesn’t always translate into the difficult art of baby pictures so that’s still up in the air. I had a few specific things I looked at as I searched photographers-

  • Location – I wanted someone, not necessarily from Muncie, but who would be able to travel to me or it would be easy to travel to them
  • Price – obviously important, while I am willing to pay good money for good photos, some prices, especially for what you get, can be outrageous
  • Package – Being as in love with photos as I am combined with the fact that I am a bit of a control freak means I want access to ALL my photos. This is a tough one and I was willing to compromise if I absolutely had to, but if at all possible I wanted a cd of my prints and not have to order prints directly from the photographer (which also gets even more expensive)
  • Skill – I’m not opposed to a new photographer/someone who doesn’t have lots of experience, as long as I like their work. Every website I went to I sifted through all the maternity photos to see who photographed in a unique style, great colors, an eye for detail, went beyond the typical poses and had the ability to see opportunities that others don’t.

I began researching maternity photographers in central Indiana and probably looked at a good 15-20 people!! When I combined all my criteria the choice was really pretty easy to narrow down and I made my selection. The last step was securing my photographer for a date as I know they get busy in the summer with weddings but when everything lined up perfectly as we emailed back and forth, I knew I had found the right one! My choice is Kristen Mittlestedt of Ft. Wayne and I am SO excited for our shoot!! This shoot of hers is one of my favorites and ironically I know the woman in the pictures through a friend. As we e-mailed we nailed down a date (Sunday, August 9) where I’ll be, I think, around 34 weeks. Hopefully a point where I will feel cute-pregnant but not yet whale-pregnant.

She has been so amazing with working with me so far. I told her some of my preferences like shooting at sunset and being outdoors with large grassy areas or trees and she was completely on board. She had several location suggestions around Muncie and commented that if Zach and I were adventurous people maybe we’d even get some water shots at the end. Well that just pushed our giddiness over the edge as I gushed how that would be AWESOME and Zach and I LOVE adventure and pushing the envelope then she responded how she was SO excited for this shoot and loves working with people who will do anything. I linked her up to my maternity ideas Pinterest photo board which she said was full of amazing pictures and hopefully she’ll be able to capture the essence of what we’re looking for getting to peek into my head like that. I am very much looking forward to our shoot. 🙂

Maternity photographer – booked. Birth photographer – booked (an add-on service my doula offers). Now I only need to book my newborn photographer and I’m all set on preserving memories through pictures!

Next Bean post: Appointment number 3


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