7 Apr

Saturday morning when we woke up I expected to hear sounds of a baby but there were none! Zach checked his phone and John had texted him that Matilda wasn’t doing great on the drive up so they stopped overnight in Lexington and wouldn’t be in until after 2. So the rest of the morning was treated like a typical Saturday – showering, menu planning and even got a trip to the grocery in before yoga. Unfortunately I didn’t realize just how close I was cutting it and had to have Zach drive me to yoga straight from the store, I barely made it on time and showed up without my mat or a hair tie but I made it! It’s funny because some of the things that didn’t apply that much to me when I first started, like pausing on your way up out of a sun salutation, are now necessary not to get dizzy and light-headed due to increased blood flow. One hour later my husband picked me back up and I got home to immediately start working on pies for Easter.

This year my family had requested our special family recipe of graham cracker pie. This pie is pretty technical and has to be done just right, it’s super easy to mess up. I hadn’t made one in a few years and the last couple of times I made it it turned out soupy and I was unsure why. The problem with waiting a few years to make a recipe again is that you don’t remember what you needed to change from the time before! Zach helped with the first pie and I called my grandma a few times to make sure I was doing it just right and it seemed like I was. The crust turned out perfect, the meringue looked great but after baking my filling still seemed soupy. Grandma said it would set up though so as Zach went off to play soccer I started on pie number two. Near the end John and Heather and Matilda showed up and I was SO glad to get to see them!! As we got to start visiting while I was making pies Mom called and said we needed to go over to Grandma and Grandpa’s. It was supposed to just be the “adults” (all our parents) but apparently all the cousins were showing up too. See, the whole reason Heather and John had to come up so unexpectedly is because my Grandma Mary, my dad’s mom, has been really sick for some time. Lately she’s taken a turn for the worse and isn’t expected to make it very much longer. All the family was over at their house because Grandpa got an anniversary cake (a few days early) and we all went, basically, to say our good-byes. This was the first time some of the next generation of cousins had met!


🙂 They were precious. All the family sat around visiting, taking turns talking to Grandma (when she was awake) and eating some cake.


We didn’t all stay very long since having so many of us around was quite exhausting and overwhelming so we headed back out to let Grandma get some rest. It was a windy but beautiful afternoon and Heather and I decided to take advantage with a walk. Matilda came along too!


I tell you what, an extra 22 pounds during a mile and a half walk is nothing to scoff at! It gave me a glimpse of what it will be like when I have that extra weight out front due to baby. The walk was a great time for us to get to girl talk about anything and everything that we wish we were around each other more to talk about all the time! It will be so fun when we both have babies who can play together. 🙂

John and Heather (and Matilda) were worn out from the drive and previous night and you know I’m always tired so we kept our evening low-key. The boys ran out and got us Qdoba and we watched some Netflix before calling it a night with an early bed-time.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1/2 fritter, banana
  • Lunch – lasagna cup, 1/2 pc. cake w/ice cream
  • Supper – chips and queso, 3/4 burrito

Sunday morning Zach had to be at church early to run sound booth and I was up by 8:30 to put together my green bean casseroles. I planned to have them completely ready and only require baking after church. John and Heather got all dressed up and put Matilda in an adorable yellow Easter dress and came with me to church. We dropped her off in the nursery and they said she did really well while we all got to have a good service discussing the importance of and evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. After church was rushing to bake the casserole, get everything together and get over to Grandma and Larry’s house for our Easter meal. John and Heather and Aunt Teresa, who was staying with Mom and Dad, came over with us since they were stuck up in Indiana over their Easter. It was fun to combine families! Even if my completely liquid pies leaked over the edge of their dishes the whole car ride over…


Sigh. We referred to it as graham cracker soup and even though it still tasted good, I was not pleased with the filling. I’ve decided to make them again in a couple of weeks and try out different techniques until I get it perfect! Grandma and I have some ideas… The rest of the food was excellent!

Veggie tray, deviled eggs, rolls


Pickled beets and eggs


And I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the hot dishes but we had cheesy potatoes, ham and green bean casserole. A feast! After eating our fill we took advantage of the beautiful day and the beautiful pond backdrop in Grandma’s backyard for family pictures.


All completely normal of course.

IMG_0126 IMG_0136

Have to include pictures that acknowledge baby…



Then the guys had to resurrect the “double donkey” from a couple of Easters ago…


My special guys. 🙂

IMG_0150 IMG_0155 IMG_0159

We didn’t stick around too long after eating because Dad had to go help out at Grandma’s some more. Full of Easter food I practically fell asleep on the car ride home! A few more pictures before changing into our comfy clothes-

IMG_0180 IMG_0185

Matilda was absolutely exhausted so we thought she’d go down for a nap but that wasn’t to be, she will fight sleep until the bitter end! Good thing she’s so adorable. The whole weekend she would run after the cats saying her version of “Kitty cat! Nice! Nice!” since she is always told to be nice to the kitties, haha! That was followed up with a screeching sound presumed to be the noise she thinks cats make. 🙂 So cute. She and Uncle Zach got lots of playing time while he tried to teach her how to bowl for farm animals!

IMG_0194 IMG_0197 IMG_0198

After some playing and eating she finally started wearing down and Zach and I went out for a walk while Heather and John got her down to sleep. It was so beautiful outside and we walked for 25 minutes talking all about how we’d be parents before we knew it and all our hopes and fears and dreams about this enormous task. Nobody was very hungry for dinner so we watched Into the Woods, the Disney musical, since Heather and I meant to see it the last time we were together and didn’t get the chance. She was in that play in high school so it meant something extra to her. 🙂 We watched half of it and I ate the tiniest amount of potatoes with a piece of fruit just to get in some food for baby. We all retired early again. We may be boring, but at least we’re all boring together!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – 1 deviled egg, 1/2 pickled egg w/ beets, veggies and dip, ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, 1 “piece” (aka bowl) of pie
  • Supper – small amount of cheesy pot., mango

162.5 miles.


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