3 Apr

Something big is happening tonight. Zach and I are finishing Dexter. Life-altering news, I know. But seriously, I have been waiting through all 8 seasons for this finale that NO ONE has anything good to say about. Somehow we’ve never had the show spoiled for us and have no idea what is going to happen! All I know is everyone says it is awful, worst ending ever, makes them wish they never watched the show in the first place, etc. Wow. I’m a little nervous…

So my week- Tuesday morning, gazelle. I was much more awake and energetic than I was on Monday! It was a good day, a nice afternoon spent outside for recess and an easy dinner of leftovers. I like simple days. It was so pleasant out that after we ate Zach and I went to walk by the river. I wanted to get at least half an hour in but we walked and talked so long that it ended up being a 47 minute walk (3-ish miles). Few things better than a long, hand-holding walk with my husband. 🙂 Continuing in the springy feeling we went out to Cammack Station for some ice cream! I got a scoop of triple chocolate and it tasted like summer. Dexter + bed at 9pm because after my energetic day, I was BEAT!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal
  • Lunch – salad, pickle
  • Supper – chips and salsa, the last of the chicken pasta, small ice cream

Wednesday I did the gazelle in the morning and sat outside alllll afternoon. The day hit 66 (which I swear felt like 76) and I knew it was supposed to rain the rest of the week so I wanted to let those kids play their hearts out outside while we could. I got so warm that after we stopped for a snack break I actually put shorts on (!!!) and even got a bit of a tan line in the last 45 minutes we were out there. I will take loooooots more days like that please. At Mom’s house I rode the bike for 30 minutes before we all ate dinner. Mom’s been trying to make lots of my favorite foods that sound good since I got pregnant so she resurrected an old favorite of mine that included cinnamon rolls, angel hair pasta and chicken cordon bleu. None of us had had that pasta and that chicken for years and it was funny because it was nostalgically good but we all agreed it wasn’t as good as I remembered. Or perhaps it was just my kid tastebuds that loved it so much?

Zach had to be at the church for a sound booth practice and I stayed at my parent’s watching Dancing with the Stars (can’t believe I’ve never watched it in the 10 years it has been on) and spent the whole time stuffing tons of easter eggs for the kid’s hunt the next day. That was quite a big job and I ended up getting to sleep later than I like which means 8 hours or less. “Late” nights like that that make me tired always make me worry about how much of a cranky zombie I’m going to be when I’m up every few hours with a baby!!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, last of the potatoes
  • Lunch – chips w/cheese and salsa, vanilla wafers
  • Supper – salad, cinnamon roll, pasta, chicken cordon bleu, couple pieces of Easter candy

Thursday brought the rain. April showers bring May flowers… It also brought a good deal of thunder which I was afraid was going to wake up the kids at nap-time! In the morning I squeezed in my gazelle then had a jam-packed few hours of Easter stuff. We had to have the hunt indoors so I hid the eggs all around a couple of rooms of the house and turned the kids loose. It was chaotic, of course, and we got a late start on lunch due to it. I was more than ready for a break by the time nap rolled around. When I got off work the rain had stopped and it was pretty warm out so I set out, book in hand, for a walk in the neighborhood. I left my husband doing this…



I decided I’d walk a mile out and a mile back but plans changed at about .85 miles into it. It started sprinkling a little and at first I ignored it but then decided to turn around. As I headed back the rain picked up to the point where I stopped reading because my pages were getting too wet. It came down harder and harder until it was raining pretty good. I had NOT planned on running at all so I didn’t even wear a sports bra but by now I was still a good half mile from home and it was pouring. I put my book under my shirt and awkwardly ran this way while thinking “I wouldn’t say no to a ride from a stranger right about now…” I had no more than had this complete thought when I felt and then saw a van stopping beside me and I looked over and it was my father-in-law!! Haha! A God-send. He yelled out, “You want a ride?!” and of course I gratefully ran over and hopped in. While we were pulling up to a stop sign by my road, there came my husband in our car around the corner out looking for me. 🙂 He’d been cooking when he realized how hard it was raining and that his pregnant wife was out in it and he came to rescue me. Ron dropped me off at home, Zach right behind him and thus ended my “2 mile walk” instead turning into a 24 minute 1.2 mile walk. I relaxed while Zach finished up his rather labor-intensive dinner of Lasagna Cups.


It comes off a blog called Lauren’s Latest and he had seen it on Facebook earlier in the week. He put it on my wall asking, “Do you want me to make these for us this week?”. Well what do you think I said?!


I know the filling contained onion, red pepper, zucchini, tomatoes and lean ground beef as well as other things and it also had a cheese filling made from ricotta and and egg and parmesan and more. They baked in the oven in a muffin tin and then were ready to eat.


He used whole wheat lasagna so the edges got extra done but weren’t so hard you couldn’t eat them.


These were very, very good but I am not the one who made them. Zach thought they were good but not worth the amount of time it took. He said he’d rather just have regular lasagna instead of trying to make these cute, haha. I loved it though and we each had 2 and there are still plenty leftover so I’m sure these will be cropping up over the next week!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/jam and granola
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 2 lasagna cups, 1 pc. cheesecake

Bean is now 15 weeks + 2 days and is a 4″ long avocado!! Grow baby grow. Somedays I look genuinely pregnant, though still a pretty small bump, and other days I look almost totally normal. Looking forward to getting a baby belly that actually stays and looks undeniably pregnant. We’ve got family coming in this weekend, not the best circumstances because my Grandma (my Dad’s mom) is not doing well health-wise at all, but I am still incredibly excited to see John and Heather and little Matilda a whole two months before I thought I would!!

156 miles.

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