1 Apr

This will wrap up my trip with Kori but also cover Monday because there really wasn’t anything that happened Sunday that warrants it’s own trip post. We were up by 8:15 Sunday morning because Kori had to leave by 9am to get back for work. I didn’t want to stick around without her so we ran around packing and cleaning and congratulating ourselves over only eating half the party-size Stouffers haha. We divided up the food that was left, packed our cars and took our “good-bye pictures” – a tradition for us.

IMG_0077 IMG_0083

Then we hopped in our cars and went our separate ways. At least I’ll see her again in just a month!!! Frozen grapes that slowly thawed kept me company the whole drive and made for a stretched out “breakfast”. The drive home thankfully was fast and easy – no traffic, good weather, I was home by 12:30. I barely got to see Zach because he hadn’t known I would be home so early and had made plans to brew and get it done before I got back but that was fine because after I ate lunch I slept for the next 4 hours!! The weekend had worn me out and I clearly needed recovery time. I woke up and showered right before Zach got back and then Hillary coerced us into going out to dinner with her since she hadn’t seen me in a couple of weeks. We chose Amazing Joes where I begged the waitress to let me get the kid’s macaroni since I wasn’t that hungry. She obliged. 🙂

The three of us went to Nick’s for the Walking Dead season finale which was absolutely great. Great enough that I stayed up watching it until 10:30 so I didn’t get to bed until about 11 on a school night. That didn’t matter anyway though since thanks to my epic nap I didn’t fall asleep until around midnight. Not the best start to the week…I needed to get my sleeping schedule back on par asap.

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes
  • Lunch – leftover chicken pasta bake, chips & spinach dip
  • Supper – salad, 1 pc. bread, kids macaroni, last jellybeans

You better believe I was tired Monday morning. I did 20 minutes on the gazelle but that was all I could squeak out. All day I was worn out, felt nauseous and had a horrible headache. I’ve figured out that when I’m really tired, this DEFINITELY exaggerates pregnancy symptoms. With the exception of sinus infection pressure, I had literally never had a headache until I became pregnant. So far I’ve had two and let me just say, not a fan. Especially when you can’t take anything to relieve it! I couldn’t eat lunch because I felt so ill until around 2:30 when I ate a small bowl of chips with the last of the spinach dip. Despite feeling poorly I cleaned the whole day in preparation for Bible study. Zach was around the house all day finishing up projects. He was a rockstar finishing all the painting on the living room walls, replacing old yellowish wall covers with new white ones, cleaning up and raking the entire backyard, cleaning the porch and pretty much the whole house. It looked great! Only a few things left to do in our living room remodel and then it’s on to the nursery. 🙂

After work I cleaned a little more and read until Bible study. Despite my headache I had a really good time with the group reading about all the events leading up to Jesus’ death. You can know a story so well or read something so many times that you become numb to it but I encourage you to read these passages as though it were the first time and take in the sheer magnitude and weight of just what Christ went through for US. We should never become desensitized.

Once people left Zach indulged my desire for pasta. Why is that the only food I want to eat all the time?! Couldn’t it have been asparagus or something… We watched some Netflix before I went to bed nice and early by 9:15 trying to get back on my sleep schedule!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast, strawberries
  • Lunch – chips & spinach dip
  • Supper – 1 breadstick, alfredo

145/1,200 miles. This is the point where I think I am abandoning a mileage goal altogether. Just going to keep track of cardio miles and running miles and see how many I get in 2015 during this whirlwind, pregnant year!


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