31 Mar

Saturday Kori and I got to do something that was pretty much a dream come true for us. I’ll get to that part momentarily though. We woke up about 8:30 and I knew I was going to be tired from not getting great sleep but I was still ready to have a fun day! We lounged around and started scary movie number three, a Swedish film called Let the Right One In that always gets incredibly high ratings. Mid-way into this we fixed what we called a late breakfast/early lunch since we had early dinner reservations that evening and we had grapes and macaroni, a winning combination. 😉

The movie was interesting but not scary and we only watched a little over half before abandoning it to get ready for the day. We had somewhere we needed to be at 1:45 but with some time to kill we got in the car to head to High Bridge Park in Wilmore just about 15 minutes away. We drove through some interesting neighborhoods, questioning the junk that was absolutely everywhere before we saw the Community Clean-Up sign, then arrived at a park. It was indeed A park but not the park we were trying to go to. We had no idea how we ended up at this random park and were even more baffled when we saw we were now half an hour away from the place we were actually trying to go. Based on the time we decided to head into Lexington so we wouldn’t be late and we would hit the bridge that evening after dinner. How did we kill extra time? By going to Kroger. Haha, Kori needed to get some things and apparently we’re making the trip a “visit all the local superstores” trip. She bought us a giant Reese cup egg of which I only ever ate one bite but it did make for fun picture taking.

IMG_9951 IMG_9952

So where were we going that we had to be there right on time? The Breakout Games.



This place has several different rooms, “games”, all with the same objective – to break out. We chose the kidnapping room because it had the highest level of difficulty and, hello, we’ve basically prepared our whole lives for this scary movie scenario. 🙂 Our group was Kori and I plus 3 guys. We initially were hoping no one else signed up for our time slot so it could just be the two of us but these guys proved invaluable. They were smart and as you only have 60 minutes to get out of your room, we definitely needed the extra people. We were all blindfolded, led into our room and handcuffed to a steel bed frame. We heard a recording come on, much like in a Saw movie, telling us that we’d been locked up and they were coming in an hour to kill us, etc. etc. As soon as the recording stopped we could remove the blindfolds and get started as the timer up in the corner began to count down. Our immediate actions indicated that we were a group who was collectively intelligent and were bound to over think things. How do I know this? Well right away we started searching any area of bed frame we could reach for keys magnetized to it, then figured out we could roll the bed and started searching all around the room. Guess what? The keys were on the wall hanging right behind one of the guys the whole time. Haha! We made the first 5 minutes way more difficult than need be. Finding the keys was about the easiest task there was. Our room was covered in charts and numbers and symbols and we began searching the room for clues. We would turn up locked box after locked box, all of which required numerical codes, alphabetical codes or a combination of both to open. We’d have to use things we found to get the codes and once a box was open we were presented with more puzzles to solve. Once it involved an actual word puzzle we had to put together and solve once we had all the pieces, once it involved a black light and finding a hidden message, we had to find specific letters off the periodic table of elements using a sheet with holes cut out. We had all these mug shots of people with dates on them and eventually found clues that built the word age and more clues that led to using a word clock on the wall to figure out the word added all so to make us learn that added age was important and the added age of the mugshots was a 3 digit code for one lockbox. Something like that one code would take multiple puzzles and multiple minutes to solve. There are just so many details that I can’t even get into because it’s so tough to describe, but it was amazing. There was a camera watching us and we could ask the guy for up to 3 clues without being penalized. We had to use all three. With 3 minutes to spare we got into our final safe and found a recording of morse code and we had to analyze it to find what letters and numbers it was sounding. This was tough because they ran together and you couldn’t pause or rewind the recording, it just played in a loop. I was actually the one who used the chart on the wall to get the final code and Kori punched it into the keypad by the door and we sprang free with only a minute and a half left!!! Exhilarating!



This was harder than expected and so, so much fun. While we’d been waiting we saw picture after picture flash up on the screen of people who had to hold up the “so close” sign at the end because they didn’t make it out. But we were not those people!


Best idea ever. 🙂 So what does one do after saving their own lives from certain death? Get a pedicure of course.

IMG_9960 IMG_9962


My toes and feet had been needing some serious treatment and this was a great choice for our next activity. Toes got pretty just in time for warmer weather! We had a 5:30 dinner reservation at Bella Notte and made it right on time. It was already fairly busy but we were seated right away in a neat indoor patio area.


I was hungry and started with a salad so Bean could have some much needed veggies!


For dinner I got a baked rigatoni dish that was very good but had waaaay too much sausage on it.


It reminded me why I like sausage in small doses only; it just gets a bit greasy and overwhelming flavor for me when there is too much. I ate around it and left quite a bit behind but you can believe almost all of my pasta was gone. 🙂 Kori enjoyed her dinner as well.


Hooray for our shared love of pasta and italian restaurants! 🙂


Now we raced the setting sun to get to High Bridge Park before dark. We passed through some of the beautiful, green countryside I mentioned in my previous post:

IMG_9974 IMG_9976

This time our directions took us to the right area but instead of the park it took us directly to High Bridge which was in down in a valley between the cliffs with some…questionable houses around, to say the least.


Knock knock? So the whole purpose for being out in the middle of nowhere (yet again) at sunset? Well this is the biggest attraction of the area-



A train trestle that was the tallest train trestle that spanned water in the world in 1874 (1876?). HA! We love quirky things like this. The water it spanned was a river that’s to my left in this picture. We decided to take a few pictures down here in the valley before heading up to the park.

IMG_9989 IMG_9994

The park itself was actually gated off when we got up there, probably because it was dusk, but we didn’t need to go into the park itself to take good pictures of the bridge.

IMG_9999 IMG_0003 IMG_0004

Thank goodness for the tripod that I take everywhere so Kori and I can have an abundance of pictures of the two of us.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013

Bean’s first jumping picture-


IMG_0049 IMG_0062 IMG_0066

Aaaaand then we’re zombies.


Kori even shot a couple 14 1/2 week pictures of my bump which is sometimes nonexistent but in this outfit and after our big dinner was standing out quite well!

IMG_0070 IMG_0072

Baby Bean ❤ Then it was back to our basement theater to watch Afflicted, our favorite scary movie of the weekend.



Plus eat some jellybeans. In bed by 10:40 because I’m pregnant and old and, while still not great, I slept better than the night before.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Brunch – grapes, mac and cheese
  • Supper – salad, bread, 3/4 rigatoni sausage bake, jellybeans

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