30 Mar

Well it’s back to Monday once again. An exhausting Monday at that!! Small price to pay for a weekend with my best friend though. 🙂 Friday I did my gazelle and packed up in the morning while watching my tiny class of 4 kids. I was so spoiled over spring break week that it’s going to be tough when it’s back to the full load of 10 again! I was hungry for breakfast and Zach fixed me a big one that included potatoes leftover from the salmon recipe the night before, yumm. Before I knew it it was 1pm and Vicki was showing up to take over daycare and I was writing down the million directions to get to our place in Nicholasville (or as Kori and I affectionally called it, Nowheresville), KY. This is how I have to get places since I don’t have a smartphone like the rest of America…

I took off amid light flurries and started heading south. At the same time Kori was driving north and we spent a good deal of our drives talking on the phone to each other. 🙂 It makes the time go faster! I really had great driving weather and great traffic overall up until I hit Lexington. Just a mere 20 miles or so from my destination and I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. It took about 30 minutes to go a little over 3 miles and I was beyond glad to finally get off and out of that! The countryside I traveled through for my last stretch was absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills (so nice to see green grass again), beautiful homes, horses in their huge pastures – it was quintessential Kentucky! Kori had arrived at our Airbnb destination a good hour before me and finally, after getting off a couple houses to early and accidentally driving down a bike path, I found our weekend home.


No, we didn’t get that entire thing, but we did get a pretty awesome basement with it’s own parking area and walk-in entrance. Observe…

IMG_9853 IMG_9855 IMG_9857 IMG_9860 IMG_9863

There were about 3 more rooms I didn’t put up there too (one of which is the pool room which you’ll see momentarily). It was a huge, really nicely finished basement. Best room, and reason we rented it, hands down was the theater room. The enormous couch, the giant screen on the wall…it made the perfect area for all our horror movie watching that we indulged in. After we hugged and squealed and Kori met Baby Bean for the first time-


We did what anyone looking to have a good time in Nowheresville, Kentucky would do…


We went to Walmart! Hahaha Luckily Kori and I have always been incredibly good at having the best time of our lives doing absolutely nothing exciting. I’m not kidding. We can make a random trip to a dreaded superstore into a place for pictures and inside jokes and memories galore. We were there on a food mission and picked up all the things our hearts desired for our movie binge. On the way back to our place we had to get a picture with this name that continually popped up everywhere:


Apparently this guy is incredibly wealthy and owns like everything in Nicholasville. We googled him and thought he looked like a nice man. Haha! When we got home we displayed our stash:


The Jack Daniels pork was for Kori and the pickles were more for me though I only ended up eating one of them the whole weekend surprisingly! We popped our giant party-size Stouffers (of which we only ate about half over the course of the few days) in the oven as it needed to cook for quite awhile and we proceeded to set up the tripod and take tons of pictures of ourselves. I’ll spare you the majority and just throw a few out there-

IMG_9871 IMG_9879 IMG_9883 IMG_9892 IMG_9912 IMG_9916 IMG_9922 IMG_9927 IMG_9929 IMG_9937

Yes, that was a few. Aren’t our theater seats AMAZING?! Of course we spent all our movie watching time in the middle two where we could cuddle up with our 15 blankets and squeeze each others hands to death during the tense parts. We built an appetizer tray of chips and dips and grapes and got started on our first movie, Open Grave. I didn’t care for the queso so I mostly ate spinach dip and salsa plus a whole lot of grapes. Then half-way through our movie we heard the oven go off, time for the best part!!


We have a completely unhealthy (truly) obsession with Stouffer’s mac and cheese and it’s pretty much our favorite thing there is. Kori’s is the one with the pork and those grapes aren’t even half of the amount we bought. We accidentally bought the largest thing of grapes in the world without realizing it until it rung up as $10 and we had no idea why. We finished our movie and moved on to As Above, So Below while snacking on my new obsession that I will have to avoid purchasing again…Sweetart jellybeans. Tangy and sweet was never my favorite combination but so far in this pregnancy it has been reallllly appealing. Well these jellybeans made the perfect pairing of those two things and I was in love with them. The good thing is that they numb my mouth enough that I don’t end up eating 5 portions at one time!

We really enjoyed both our movies and went to bed close to midnight which is early by our standards but incredibly late by mine as of recently! Sadly even though I was flat-out exhausted I didn’t fall asleep until around 2am because I am not very good at sleeping in strange places. I am a super “picky sleeper” and my how I wish I wasn’t. Seriously though, Kori slept like a rock and for me – our full bed was too small, it was too hot, the furnace kept kicking on and off making loud noises, the pillow was too tall, the room was too big and being in an unfamiliar place in the dark was a little unnerving! I finally passed out from sheer exhaustion after solving a couple of my problems by turning my fan right onto me and using a decorative pillow instead of the tall one on the bed. Good grief I sound high maintenance. I’m really not at all, except when it comes to my sleep…

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice toast, 2 eggs, potatoes
  • Lunch – banana (full from breakfast and was driving, knew a bigger dinner was ahead)
  • Supper – chips & spinach dip + salsa, 1 pickle, grapes, mac and cheese, jellybeans

144/1,200 miles.


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