27 Mar

Today’s the day! Two more hours until I’m off work and driving south as Kori heads north. Probably because I’m getting old and probably because I am pregnant, but I am ridiculously excited about tonight’s agenda of cuddling up in sweats watching movies, stuffing our faces with our soul foods and just being together! Although we do have something of a more exciting adventure planned for tomorrow…

Yesterday morning I gazelled and then you won’t believe what I had for breakfast…a juice! Second day of the second trimester and it suddenly sounded appealing again. Thank goodness for some healthier cravings for once. I really would like to work these back in as they are suuuuch a great source of getting my servings of fruits and veggies in. Then at lunch I was lucky enough to get a small bit of Zach’s Thai Smile leftovers. 🙂

Another really small class = another pretty easy workday. I wanted to go workout after I got off but I just didn’t have a second to spare with all I had to do before the trip this weekend! Instead I started dinner before jumping in the shower. I sliced up new potatoes, threw them in a pot to parboil for a few minutes, then tossed them with olive oil + sea salt + pepper + dried parsley and let them bake in the oven for half an hour.

*Insert super fast shower/drying hair*

Got done with a couple minutes to spare before potatoes were done and I got started on my Pastrami Salmon. (Thanks Self magazine.) I cooked salmon on both sides in a little oil in a skillet for just a couple of minutes. I had Zach use his muscles to crush up whole coriander and whole peppercorns on a paper towel-lined cutting board while I made a glaze from molasses, sea salt, paprika and cayenne pepper. Brushed the glaze on both sides of the salmon and topped with the crushed spice crust. This only needed a quick couple of minutes in the oven before it was done and ready to be eaten with the potatoes.


The potatoes were excellent and I ended up putting a little ketchup on mine just because I love ketchup on potatoes.


The salmon, let me just say, exceeded my expectations! The glaze was incredibly flavorful and the spice crust added the perfect amount of heat without being overpowering.


WORTH MAKING AGAIN, especially considering how much Zach loved it too! Oh yeah, that, and the fact that the whole meal was 340 calories potatoes included.


Hmm…don’t know if I that was quite enough calories for the day…good thing Zach and I shared a piece of cheesecake after while watching Dexter. 😉 Then we watched UNC come so close to upsetting Wisconsin in the tournament. They didn’t pull it off but it was a good game to watch!

*By the time I finished this post it’s now time for me to head out! Hooray!*

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – small amount of rice w/pad thai
  • Supper – salmon, potatoes, 1/2 pc. cheesecake

142.5/1,200 miles


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