26 Mar

Have I mentioned that it’s about that travel time for me again? Because I’m pretty sure I haven’t. Just because I am pregnant does NOT mean that I don’t still possess that travel and adventure bug that’s always been a part of me. It just may present itself in slightly more low-key ways for the next year… Well tomorrow afternoon I take off for Lexington, KY and so does Kori!!! It’s time for our annual March meet-up and this year we’ll be throwing it old-school. Since the weather isn’t great yet and I’m clearly not drinking, we’re going to resurrect our Montpelier days from high school when we’d go stay at my grandparents for the weekend and have the best time watching movies, eating tons of food and talking the nights away. Though I may not make it as late as I could back then… I cannot WAIT to see her. 🙂

So back to earlier in the week. Tuesday morning- gazelle, Tuesday afternoon – prepping dinner, Tuesday evening – gym. At lunch I made myself a po’ boy like we had the night before but this time I left off the roasted red peppers and added cucumber and tomato- a great choice! Dinner, torn out of a Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade (don’t see that one often!), was going to be Chicken Alfredo Baked Pasta. Another one of those great recipes that I can assemble ahead of time and put in the fridge until it needs to be cooked! I shredded chicken off a rotisserie chicken while the cats hungrily circled around me. At the same time I had spaghetti cooking in a pot of half chicken stock, half water. Before I drained the pasta I reserved a half cup of the cooking liquid. Mushrooms were chopped and carrots were already shredded thanks to whoever (or whatever) shreds the carrots before I buy them from the store.


I toasted some panko in a pan and removed it then melted butter in the same pan and sautéed the mushrooms and carrots. Then in a giant bowl stuff went together-

  • spaghetti
  • reserved cooking liquid
  • mushrooms and carrots
  • chicken
  • alfredo sauce (from jars)
  • Italian seasoning
  • salt
  • pepper

Then I got to spoon it into the casserole dish and put it away until I got off work when it was popped in the oven. I took off for the gym since I knew I needed a workout and it was just not nice enough to do it outside. Walked quickly on the treadmill for 32 minutes (2 miles, had to walk a little extra to get it right at 2!) and came back home to take my casserole out. That previously toasted panko was tossed with shredded parmesan and topped off the dish. Bake a few minutes longer until cheese melts and it’s done!


I knew this was going to be delicious and it absolutely was except for one strange thing…


I hated the mushrooms!! I’m not always a fan of carrots cooked in things and wondered if they would bother me but they were fine and I found myself having the worst time with the mushrooms. The texture and even the flavor. And I always love mushrooms! I got a small bit of seconds and actually picked out every mushroom before eating it. Pregnancy is so strange. Mom reminded me when I told her this how I hadn’t loved the mushrooms in her dinner last week either. I suppose I’ll be avoiding mushrooms for a bit. The weirdest thing is that they still SOUND good but then when it comes to actually eating them, no thank you.


Other than that I loved this pasta dish, especially with red pepper flakes! We watched Dexter and went for a drive to get a snack. My husband ordered this – a small vanilla custard with hot fudge, reese’s pieces and blueberries…and here I thought I was the pregnant one. Haha!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – doughnut, strawberries
  • Lunch – fruit, shrimp po’ boy
  • Supper – chicken pasta bake, 3/4 of a mini ice cream

Wednesday was the third day this week that I had less than 8 kids. I like this lower spring break schedule… I did my gazelle and had an easy day of daycare. After work at Mom’s I rode the bike for 28 minutes and was consistently pedaling the fastest I have since I got pregnant. Each week the bike wears me out and takes away my breath more than any other exercise I do and it’s nice to be improving! Zach showed up just in time to eat maple balsamic pork chops, long grain and wild rice and sautéed zucchini and yellow peppers. I’ve also gotten roped into watching Dancing with the Stars, which I have never watched before. Zach and I had driven separately to Mom’s and as we were getting into our cars and leaving I said, “You know what sounds good? Chips and cheese dip from Puerto.” Pretty much this is Zach’s favorite food there is and I saw his eyes light up and I hurried to add “But I don’t want any! I am too full!!” It was just a random comment. I got stopped at a light that he made it through and when I got home and the other car wasn’t in the driveway I though, “Oh brother.” Sure enough he came in the door a few minutes later holding a bag of chips and cheese dip. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him and proceeded to eat almost my share while we watched Dexter. At least I didn’t have that big of a dinner…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – nectarine, 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast
  • Lunch – chicken pasta, 3 layer bar
  • Supper – pork chop, veggies, rice, chips & queso

Is it tomorrow afternoon yet?

141/1,200 miles.


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