25 Mar

My second appointment at Community was on March 17, St Patrick’s Day! Funny thing was that my ultrasound the month before had been the day before Valentine’s Day. This appointment promised to be much shorter than the first one, starting with a shorter wait time in the reception area. It began the way I’m starting to think they all will – with a weigh in (a few pounds less than the last weigh in) and peeing in a cup. Lucky for them I’ve always been an expert at being able to use the bathroom whenever, wherever. If they wanted a urine sample from my husband it would be a whole different story, haha!

Our LPN, Kacey, who will always check us in, asked a few questions and took my blood pressure which was 110/70 and she said that was great. Then I stripped from the waist down and sat under the crinkly, giant paper blanket while Zach and I waited for the doctor. I was a tiny bit nervous but mostly excited to meet the person we’d picked to deliver our baby! Back when I was choosing Community Hospital I got to read all the bios of the OBGYN’s who work or deliver there. I had wanted a female doctor and there were several to look at. For some reason I just felt a click when I read the bio for Dr. Jennifer Nemunaitis and when I watched her personal video clip I just knew. I respected her philosophy and style and loved how much she seemed to value the input of her patients. Here was a doctor who supported natural, drug-free birth and minimal interventions. When I set up my first appointment I requested her as her doctor and then at that first visit found out that we had indeed gotten her. So back to appointment number two where we would finally get to meet her!

Dr. Nemunaitis came in and did a quick pelvic exam, told me that cervix and uterus and all that was fantastic, and then we got to talk to her for a few minutes. She asked some questions and we did the same, basically concluding that everything was proceeding marvelously at this time. She said all my bloodwork came back just fine and we are still considered as low risk as you get for right now (always great news!).

The time came for the heartbeat and I was SO excited to hear baby again. We asked if we were allowed to record it and she said of course. She put the goop on my stomach, much lower than I expected, and started moving the doppler around. Immediately there was a looot of sound, none of which was baby’s heart haha. The doctor called it a “storm” and kept remarking that I had really excellent blood flow. I suppose that’s a good thing but I just wanted to hear Bean! It took awhile for her to find it and even though I know this happens all the time, especially earlier on, it still is a bit nervewracking. I asked if that freaked patients out and she said that even she becomes concerned if you can’t really hear much of anything but that when you have as loud of sounds as my body was producing, the baby is in there it’s just tough to find. Eventually she locked in on it and Zach took a recording and apparently both of them could hear it but me, with my horrible hearing could barely pick up on it. It was particularly strong at one point and Dr. N said that baby must have been really close to the surface momentarily before swimming back lower where it’s harder to pick up. I thought the idea of our baby swimming around was about the most adorable thing ever. 🙂 Heartbeat was 155-160 and all was great!

Our consensus on our doctor pick? We absolutely loved her. I think she is the perfect person for us and will enhance the whole experience that much more. I was especially pleased that we got her after hearing my doula absolutely rave about her but that is for the next post!

Next Bean post: Meeting with the doula


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