23 Mar

Friday was a day of making an incredibly awesome dessert that I haven’t resurrected in 3 1/2 years! I did the gazelle in the morning, had a full load of kids plus a school ager since spring break has started for some of my former kiddos who are now kindergarteners, and I had a multi-step dessert to make. Back at Thanksgiving in 2011 I made something called Three Layer Bars. Lucky for you, they come from my favorite magazine – Taste of Home, which means I can link up to them and YOU can make them. And you should. 🙂 When I made it for Thanksgiving everyone raved over them and loved them so much that I made them again just a month later for a family Christmas. Then they were never made again. Until now.


Click on the recipe for details, I’ll just give the vague outline. Above I was cooking cocoa powder, butter and sugar as the first step for my crust. *I made double the recipe of these by the way and it worked just fine.* I stirred some of this into some already beaten eggs and then poured the whole egg thing into the pot to cook until the desired temperature was reached (candy thermometer necessary!). Remove from heat and stir in coconut flakes, vanilla and crushed vanilla wafers. I know some people say they don’t like coconut but it is not an overwhelming taste in this recipe and I had people who make that claim and love these, so you be the judge on that one. Press the crust into the pan (or pans in my case) and let cool.


Filling was made from powdered sugar, butter, milk and vanilla pudding mix and spread over the crust.


Let the whole thing chill in the fridge. At the very end of the workday, right before it was time to leave I melted butter and semi-sweet chocolate for the top layer, you have to have three layers remember, and let it chill just a few more minutes. Then I got ready and that’s when my first little bump picture was taken. 🙂


Our friends Ryan and Kaitlin were in town to spend time with Ryan’s family but they had so nicely asked us the week before if we’d join his family for a cookout so they could spend time with us too. We were so pleased to be asked!


I brought the dessert and they provided everything else. It was all great as was the company. And everyone seemed to love my bars! 🙂 I didn’t take a picture of my finished product but luckily I have one from Thanksgiving all those years ago. (Do you remember it now Mom?)


We stayed and visited for a good couple of hours before I started to get pretty tired and headache-y. We stopped by Mom’s on the way home to drop off some leftover treats since I knew she’d enjoy them before coming home to go to bed on a Friday night at 9:30pm. Surprisingly Zach was tired enough to go to sleep too! He almost always goes to bed with me but usually stays up and reads or is on his tablet for awhile but I guess we were both worn out.

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes (the last of the coffee cake, probably be awhile before it reappears again) 🙂
  • Lunch – spaghetti squash
  • Supper – brat w/veggies, potato salad, burger with no bun, 1/2 three layer bar

Know how I mentioned both of us being worn out about two seconds ago? Well we slept until 8:45am. That’s almost 12 hours!! I woke up totally refreshed and had breakfast and showered before going to prenatal yoga. Same moms as last week were there, perhaps I’ll get to know them a little bit? The day was shaping up to be a nice one and after some menu planning and lunch at home (Zach working in the living room all the while) I headed out to the Greenway to spend 47 minutes in the sun and warmish weather. I still needed my fleece the majority of the walk but it felt great out! I walked, ran half a mile, walked, ran half a mile and walked for 3.1 miles. It’s that time of year where lots of people are out which means lots of people commenting on my strange “talent” (ability?) of walking and reading, haha.

I went by Mom’s after the walk since Zach had a soccer game and then was refereeing another right after. We watched some “baby Jordy” home videos. 🙂 Dad got home earlier than expected though and wanted to go to Tonne. They begged me to come along but watching other people drink wine isn’t the highest on my list of things to do haha so I went home to do some cleaning instead. They came by after to see the progress on our remodel and Zach got home while they were still here. This led to Mom repeatedly asking, “So, where are we going to eat?!” I initially kept turning her down, telling them we probably didn’t want to go wherever they were going in Muncie and that we weren’t even hungry yet and she turned to Zach with her patented “Zachy, now listen, I’m your mother-in-law, you know you want to eat with us!” Haha, she knows where the weak link lies. Apparently she knows where it lies with her daughter as well because she says, “We could go to Rosie’s…”. Okay, I’m in. We just went 4 weeks ago but Zach didn’t get to go and italian, especially Rosie’s, ALWAYS sounds good to me. 🙂 So we piled in the yellow camaro and took the long way to dinner. It was a beautiful evening for a drive! And of course, Rosie’s never disappoints.

IMG_9826 IMG_9827

I had my “usual” and we left satisfied and full. Mom and Dad know how to make Jordan, Zach AND Baby Bean happy, ha! Back at home Zach and I watched UNC play for another victory in the March Madness tournament (though I fell asleep at half-time), and that was Saturday!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/blueberries
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – salad and veggies, toast, small portions of – lasagna, veal parm, spaghetti and baked potato

131/1,200 miles. 8.5 running miles.





One Response to “YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO ROSIE’S”

  1. Mom March 23, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

    Okay-even with the picture, I still do not remember these bars as part of Thanksgiving. The really funny part is (before I read all the type) I thought how funny it was you were having pumpkin pie at your cook-out and that Zach must’ve of been really happy! 🙂

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