21 Mar

One of my absolute favorite parts of my pregnancy app is the weekly update on size change. I used Ovia by Ovuline as a fertility app when Zach and I were trying to get pregnant and then when we conceived I transitioned into the pregnancy part of the app. I put in daily information like symptoms, mood, what I ate, physical activity, weight, sleep and stuff which helps keep track of how I’m doing. There is also a section where I can look up foods and products to see if they are safe. Then it provides me with daily articles and tidbits, questions to further it’s knowledge of my pregnancy and my favorite part – milestones. Every week when my baby jumps up to a new week it gives me a food comparison size, sends me an article on all of the baby’s development for that week as well as what to expect for my body and even shows me a little picture of the size of the handprint. It was been so fun to see that handprint grow (it’s still SO tiny) and to find out size.

When I first switched the app to pregnancy the baby was the size of a poppyseed for the first couple of weeks. Zach and I took out a poppyseed and put it in our hands and marveled at just how microscopic one really was. And yet that was our baby! A miracle. When I was first pregnant I was going from literal date of conception and didn’t realize that doctors count the weeks starting from 2 weeks prior to conception. So I was calling 4 weeks, 2 weeks and then 5 weeks, 3 weeks and so on until I realized my mistake. I had thought the development updates seemed off from my body, that was why! When I changed this on my app the baby went from a poppyseed to a black peppercorn and then the next day was a new week so it changed again, this time to a blueberry. Baby was changing fast all of the sudden haha!

It changes weekly and was next a raspberry, then a wild strawberry. A pecan, a kumquat, a brussels sprout, an apricot and now this week- a jalapeño. Slightly over 3 inches long but still not weighing a full ounce. Crazy measurements! All this while my body wasn’t doing a whole lot of growing. I took pictures when I first found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks-


Well obviously nothing to show at that point. I took some each week for awhile then realized that was futile. Here’s one from 9 weeks-



At that photo’s point I now actually weighed less than when I found out I was pregnant thanks to a combo of better eating, not drinking and morning sickness. By 12 weeks I started googling pictures of “12 weeks pregnant” to see what people looked like because I didn’t feel any different at all besides being slightly “thicker”. I can still wear all my pre-pregnancy jeans, even being able to zip and button almost all of them, but I switched over to maternity at 11 weeks just because they were so dang comfortable! Plus I did feel like some of my jeans were cutting me off awkwardly and I just looked like I’d put on a few pounds, not gotten pregnant.

By 13 weeks I started to feel like my belly was bulging out a little bit to the point where I could not suck it all the way in (which I’ve always been able to do). At 13 weeks and 2 days I wore maternity jeans with a tight top for the first time and felt like I had a very small, little belly to show.


Though not a whole lot of view from the front yet…


I wore this only to be around friends, I don’t think I’d wear something so tight in public yet because I feel like I still generally look like I’ve had a big meal rather than have a baby in there. Perhaps I am getting close to “popping” though?! I still haven’t gained any weight since I lost a good chunk of it in the first few weeks and I think if I weren’t pregnant I would actually being seeing the scale go down a little bit more just because of the lifestyle change but since it hasn’t budged I think that may be this stage of pregnancy’s version of “losing”. The (mostly) healthy eating and exercise is pushing the scale down but the redistribution in my stomach and *ahem* chest area is pushing it up which has it at a standstill right now. I know I should start gaining some soon though as we hit second trimester and so far, for someone who is always weight-conscious, I haven’t been the least bit concerned about my weight or changing body. Once the baby is out that may be a different story but as of right now all the changes are just exciting because it means our baby is growing!!

Next Bean post: Second appointment and meeting our OBGYN


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