18 Mar

Another week moves forward! Lately I am having to remind myself to not wish time away because right now I just want another week to be gone so we’re that much closer to meeting our baby. Sunday night I didn’t have great sleep, coughing all night and eyes still bothering me so it was glasses yet again come Monday morning. The kids barely recognized me! Haha. I was pretty tired but at least I didn’t have my typical Monday cleaning to do since Bible study was cancelled for the week. At nap time I prepped some veggies for Hoisin Chicken from Treasury of Creative Cooking.


It reached over 70 degrees Monday afternoon. SEVENTY! The backyard was still a mushy, muddy mess, but knowing just what a beautiful day it was and that it wasn’t going to be this warm again until who knows when, I HAD to get the kids outside. Using their big toys I sectioned off a very small area of the yard to play in and even though most of the yard was off limits, they were soooo thrilled to be outside. As was I! I don’t remember the first outdoor day last year but I know for sure it was later in the year so it’s great to be out this early.

After work I took more advantage of the weather and went for a 1.5 mile run in my neighborhood. I ran the whole time with no walking in a little over 15 minutes and it was the longest distance I’ve run so far in this pregnancy so that makes me happy. I left Zach behind tearing off the rest of the wallpaper and he was working on the second coat of the wall that was done when I got back. I started on dinner and I made it through trimming the fat and cutting up all of the raw chicken but then I started having a tough time with the cooking. I haven’t had morning sickness nearly as bad the past couple of weeks but off and on since getting pink eye it’s come up at random times. Zach took over the cooking while I showered and dinner was ready by the time my hair was dry. I’m not even sharing the general process though because unfortunately I HATED this meal. Which I don’t think I have ever said on here about something I’ve eaten, even if I didn’t really like it.


Initially it looked like a good dish with veggies and a lot of asian flavors but I couldn’t even eat it. That’s so unlike me and I don’t know if it was a serious pregnancy aversion or if it was just not a great recipe but after I ate a couple pieces of the chicken and most of my veggies I literally couldn’t eat another bite.


Despite not eating hardly any dinner I wasn’t all that hungry and all food sounded bad. Finally after finishing Taxi Driver we went for a drive and I had some fries and part of a milkshake. Not the most put-together meal but at least it was something…

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes
  • Lunch – pasta
  • Supper – couple bites of chicken & veggies, 1/2 small fry, 1/2 small vanilla milkshake

Tuesday morning I woke up so excited because it was appointment day!!! Time for Bean’s 2nd doctor visit. Unfortunately it was also day 7 with pinkeye. I was getting realllly sick of wearing my glasses by this point but knew it needed to continue until my eyes were totally healed. The morning flew by in a blur of St. Patty’s day party stuff with the kids including following a shamrock trail to a pot of gold and before I knew it we were heading to our appointment!

I won’t go into details (I’ll save those for a Bean post!) except to say that it went well and baby seems to be doing a good job of growing so far! After our appointment we grabbed a salad from Concannon’s and then I came back to work the rest of the day. By the time I was off work I found a spot on the couch and was there for quite awhile. “Morning” sickness back at it’s fun tricks again and I was nauseous and all food sounded terrible. :/ Zach cuddled me and we watched some Netflix until finally around 8 I was hungry enough to eat. Bless him and his patience with my strange foods and strange eating schedule right now! I got nachos from Qdoba which I always feel at least half-way decent about since they have so many fresh (yes, actually fresh, Zach used to work there!!) ingredients and I put things like lettuce, pico, corn and avocado on my chips. Along with pulled pork and some cheese of course. 🙂 After I ate I was flat out exhausted for some reason and ended up going to bed at 8:30! Haven’t done in that in awhile but my body must have needed it.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes
  • Lunch – strawberries, salad
  • Supper – nachos

122.5/1,200 miles. 7.5 running miles.


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