17 Mar

Friday morning I woke up and BAM! suddenly the right eye had contracted serious pink eye. The left eye was looking a little better so I wore a contact in that one and left the right one “contact-less”. I was bummed out about this but Zach cheered me up in the best way he could-

IMG_9791 IMG_9792


Any guesses as to what that is? The cinnamon roll coffee cake! I swear this is like a pregnancy addiction because I can never eat the same breakfast over and over and over day after day but when it comes to this I sure can. 🙂 He’s the sweetest.

I did my gazelle and was grateful for it being Friday and almost the weekend! Though I also was lamenting it’s arrival because I swear, with the exception of last weekend, I have been some type of sick every single one! Mid-day Zach left for a beer event up in Michigan so I had girl plans for the weekend. First though, the gym. I did the treadmill for 30 minutes – ran the first mile in almost 10 minutes which for me at this point is pretty fast haha, then walked the rest for 2.3 miles. Friday night I was hanging out with Hillary but not until after dinner so, like usual if Zach is gone, Mom and Dad fed me. 🙂 This time in the form of Pizza King!! Breadsticks and 1/2 royal feast, 1/2 baked ham and bbq made us all happy, Bean included. 😉 Hillary and I went to Johnny Carino’s for “drinks”. She had an actual drink while I had the same one, minus the alcohol. It was basically a strawberry-lemonade in a grownup glass haha but it was fun to feel like I was participating. We’d planned on watching a movie but we were so tired we decided to just watch a show on Netflix. I just finished Gilmore Girls (sad day!) and needed a new show and we both agreed we wanted to start Parenthood so we watched the first episode of that. I think it will be a good new show, plus Lauren Graham is in it and she plays Lorelai on Gilmore Girls so I don’t feel quite as bereft since I still get to see her…ha! One episode was it and then we called it a night and I went to bed ready to get lots of good sleep.

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, blueberries
  • Lunch – soup
  • Supper – 1 1/2 breadsticks, salad, pizza

Unfortunately my eyes bothered me throughout the night and I kept waking myself up coughing. Saturday morning- both eyes red and itchy and hurting and basically a mess. I knew I had to get rid of the contacts. My glasses were broken but I tried to repair them best I could with the only thing I could find- green athletic tape. Haha needless to say I looked pretty ridiculous. Not to mention it didn’t even work that well. I ate breakfast and went to yoga where I took my glasses off for the whole practice. I couldn’t really see but it was better than having them fall off every downward dog! We actually had a few other pregnant women there this week so that was good to see.

I went home to do some cleaning and menu planning before going out on the Greenway. It was a beautiful afternoon and I walked and ran for 28 minutes. Ran half a mile, walked, ran another half a mile and walked some more for a total of a mile ran and 1.8 miles overall. Mom’s house was next and she thankfully had a better solution for my glasses. She jerry-rigged the broken arm with some wire and got them to stay together in a much more effective and much less tacky way. 🙂 We watched some show she had recorded about the most adorable and unlikely animal friendships such as rhinos and sheep, dogs and deer, sled dogs and polar bears and several others that were all ridiculously cute. I didn’t really have much of a lunch because I had a late breakfast and was having a really early dinner, but I did have a V8 for some veggies and a few chips while at Mom’s.

Then I came home and got ready to go meet Leah in Pendleton! We were meeting in the middle for an early dinner at the Wine Stable (I think it was called?). This is the second time we’ve gotten together since I got pregnant but I still don’t look it. It’s fun to talk about though with a mom who’s already been there! We got fried dill pickles for an appetizer which was an excellent choice as I love all things pickle. 🙂 For supper I got a Thai chili flatbread-


This had cheese, chicken, onion and a sweet and spicy thai sauce. It was pretty good! I boxed up half of it though, I was full and I knew Zach would love these leftovers. 🙂 We were practically the only people in the place which made it nice to sit and catch up. We got to talk all things pregnancy and kids plus anything else we happened to think of for a good couple of hours before parting ways. I made her take a picture with me, red eyes and all.


(Don’t mind my ridiculously tired eyes. I took my glasses off for this!)

When I got home I vegged out on Parenthood and had ice cream until Zach got back home near 10pm. It was so great to see him and even though I was tired I stayed up for a bit just to get to be with him until we both crashed.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – blueberries, coffee cake
  • Lunch – v8, a few chips
  • Supper – 2 1/2 fried pickle spears, 1/2 flatbread, sm. ice cream

Sunday morning and the glasses still needed to be worn. Welcome, pink eye day 4. I taught my 2nd and 3rd graders at church and did usual Sunday errands. After Zach and I had leftovers for lunch he had to meet with a guy and I laid down for only a moment…and woke up an hour and a half later! In no way was I planning on taking a nap and I definitely didn’t expect that but I must have needed it. When I woke up I headed to the grocery and while I was there Zach called to see where I was since his meeting was done and after I told him he showed up just to help me shop! 🙂 This made the job go faster so we could go for a nice Greenway walk after and enjoy the warming weather! (41 minutes and 2.3 miles) Then we had the oh-so-exhausting task of picking what was for dinner. It actually wasn’t a tough choice at all considering I’ve had one thing on my mind lately – sushi. When I first got pregnant I immediately confirmed what I already knew. ALL sushi doesn’t have to be avoided, just that with raw fish! This meant no ordering our beloved Philly roll but we made do. 😉 We got a tiny soup and tiny salad first but I let Zach eat most of those because neither was tasting good to me. Luckily my half of these 3 rolls didn’t just taste good, it tasted excellent!!

IMG_9797 IMG_9798


Ohhh I was so happy with my sushi. Baby Bean’s first sushi experience! Sunday, which had already been a very nice Sunday, was rounded out with a root beer float and watching Walking Dead at Nick’s house. It was a great way to end the weekend!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake (I’m an addict), apple
  • Lunch – polenta pizza (last of those leftovers)
  • Supper – bites of salad and soup, 1 1/2 sushi rolls, root beer float

118/1,200 miles. 6 running miles.


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