13 Mar

Thursday morning I woke up with my left eye completely matted shut. I haven’t had pink eye this bad since I was a kid!! Unfortunately my glasses are broken and I absolutely cannot see without contacts so I had to compromise and put one in my right eye and leave it out of my left. This was the worst part of the whole day honestly. Having just one contact in really doesn’t give me good vision and the discrepancy between the two eyes is so great that everything was pretty blurred. This led to dizziness and a massive day-long headache (and I’m not somebody who gets headaches!) and sadly in the afternoon and evening brought a good deal of nausea which I haven’t dealt with in almost 2 weeks.

In the morning when I was not feeling so poorly yet I did the gazelle and had an easy morning with the kids. They were excited because I proclaimed it “movie day!” which was really my way of avoiding calendar and activity time since I couldn’t see haha. One of my little girls commented “Jordan! I can see your pink eye!” Then she followed that up with, “But it really looks more like a red eye…”

Shrimp salad has been sounding good to me for awhile so I picked up the things I knew I needed to make it over the weekend and yesterday that was lunch! I chop celery and tomatoes and stir in a can of tiny shrimp. Then I hard boil eggs, mash them in and mix it all together with mustard and light mayonnaise plus salt and pepper. I hadn’t had this in ages and I ate my whole bowl of it- so good! Unfortunately after that is when I started not feeling great and the rest of the afternoon turned a bit rough. The weather was warmer again and I was determined to be outside. I had initially wanted to run but that wasn’t happening so I still dragged myself out the door for a 25 minute walk (1.4 miles). It was a little hard to get out the door but I know it’s always worth it. When I got back home I felt great for the first 10 minutes and then felt pretty bad for quite awhile. My body was trying to throw up but all my food was digested so there was nothing in there! I had a dinner I had planned on making but cooking and eating both seemed really awful. I needed to make a meal for Zach’s grandma though and he was busy painting our wall so I just made her some soup and grilled cheese. I tried to spice the grilled cheese up a little with garlic salt, bologna, extra cheese and stuff but was afraid it seemed like a copout meal. Then Zach told me that she said his wife “Made the best grilled cheese ever!” That it was amazing and so flavorful, haha. I didn’t eat until close to 9 when I was finally hungry enough for the only thing I’ve been wanting when battling nausea- pasta. Olive Garden has their buy one get one free deal so we ordered a ravioli and an alfredo cavatappi. We split the ravioli evenly and I had 1/4 of the alfredo dish, I just got full so quickly, especially since there were breadsticks.

I was more than ready for bed by 9:15 (though I hate eating that close to going to sleep!!) and by the time I laid down I knew…I was going to wake up with pink eye in my other eye. Oh boy….

P.S.- Here’s the wall with it’s first coat of gray! If it looks a bit splotchy it’s because I took the picture when it was partially dry/partially wet. It’s so bare looking right now but the color against the bright white looks sooo great in person, pictures don’t do a great job at capturing the vibe. 🙂


Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast, apple w/PB
  • Lunch – shrimp salad
  • Supper – 1 1/2 breadsticks, pasta

111/1,200 miles.


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