11 Mar

*Sorry in advance for the wordiness!!*

I was dying of anticipation by the time our first doctor’s appointment rolled around (can’t believe it’s already almost time for our second!). So many questions were going through my mind- how were the facilities? Were the people nice? Would we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat? Would we have an ultrasound? Would they work with Samaritan Ministries (the health-care sharing program we are a part of)? And above all else, Is my pregnancy going okay so far and does everything seem good with baby bean?!

I worked half of a day on Thursday before Vicki relieved me and Zach and I timed the exact drive from our house to Community Hospital Anderson. We live in Muncie but I haven’t heard the best of things about our maternity ward/delivery process/etc. at our local hospital. When someone suggested the birthing center at Community to me I did some research and was beyond pleased with what I found! A ranking is given by the CDC gauging how well hospitals meet the national quality of care standards for perinatal care. The average percentage in Indiana is 76% and Community gets a 100%! To top that off they appear to make the birth experience very personal and not so “assembly line” as many hospitals do and also practice as few interventions as possible. I got to read blurbs and even watch little videos about all of the OBGYN’s on staff and I felt really drawn to one specific doctor. I just thought her bio meshed really well with our personalities and I loved the things she said in her video about working with her patients and their birth plans. I requested this doctor when I scheduled my appointment but didn’t know if she would be available for our dates or not.

When Zach and I got to Community (exactly 28 minutes after leaving the house) we checked in and were immediately overwhelmed with the kindness of the people working the front desk. Here were some women who seemed genuinely happy in their workplace as well as for us, a couple of strangers! We took our seats and waited since we were a little early and then continued waiting since, as I’m sure you are aware, you never have an “on-time” appointment! I knew I was supposed to show up with a full bladder so I had drank quite a bit of water in the car to ensure this. Well as we waited and waited, I really needed to use the bathroom! When they finally called us back they weighed me and then directed me to a room and the first thing out of my mouth was “Are you going to need a urine sample? Because I can definitely help you out with that now!” Haha thankfully they are well used to pregnant women and took pity on me and let that be my first “task”. Following this I was asked just a couple of questions and had my heart rate and blood pressure checked by an LPN.

We spent a little more time waiting in our room after this (I was so glad to have Zach around for all of this!) before our nurse came in. For the first appointment you just meet with a nurse practitioner and then your OBGYN at the next one. I was informed though that we did indeed get the doctor we had wanted so that was exciting news! Our nurse was so incredibly cheerful and bubbly and friendly and we absolutely loved her. It was by no means a short appointment so good thing we all got along! We answered page after page of questions, I was poked and prodded and examined.

While I was asking questions about current symptoms I mentioned slight cramping and she said “Ding ding ding! You used the magic word- cramping. That will buy you an ultrasound!” I had absolutely no idea that that was a magic word and I let her know that the cramps had just been a vague achiness, not anything severe, but she said that they really liked to do ultrasounds early on but had to have a reason to do so so they looked for any excuse. Then during my checkup she thought my uterus was measuring higher than normal for what we thought was the age of the baby so she confirmed that I was definitely going to have an ultrasound. I was sooo excited about this, especially since I was slightly nervous that “cramping” buys you an ultrasound and now my uterus seemed off and I assumed that she meant that same day. Unfortunately she said it wouldn’t be same day and she also wasn’t going to try to find a heartbeat externally since it was so early still. This was disappointing but I was still happy to know we had one coming up. She ended my appointment telling me that I was in great health and was as low risk as it gets so that was good news!

As I’m out in the reception area getting ready to set up my next appointment for the ultrasound I mention the “high uterus for being 8 weeks” thing and one of the nurses starts to say “Oh you know what that could mean?!” Then stops herself. Our nurse came up behind us while she was saying that and says “I thought this but didn’t want to scare them!” Well she didn’t have to say it, we knew immediately what they were hinting at…twins. When I told them just HOW MANY sets of twins run in my family they all exchanged looks and had me completely nervous. When they started scheduling me and it looked like the ultrasound wouldn’t be until the next week I said, “If you have ANYTHING available tomorrow, regardless of time, I will take it!!” Thankfully they squeezed me in to an 11:30 spot and I was relieved knowing I’d only have to wait a day to see my baby, hear the heartbeat and find our just how many were in there!

I went and had lab work done next (had to pee in a cup again) and blood withdrawn. On the way home Zach and I discussed every single thing but especially the prospect of twins. I thought he’d be even shakier on that topic than me but he actually had such an amazing perspective on it. He said, “It’s a scary thought and would definitely be a huge adjustment for us but the most important thing is that we have a healthy, safe baby- whether one or two. We will love no matter how many babies we have and God knows exactly what He wants for us and what plan is best for our life so we just have to trust that!” I really appreciated his calm and it helped calm me as well.

About 24 hours later we were on our way back to Community. We had only a brief wait before we were called back for our ultrasound. As the technician probed around first looking at my ovaries and other things inside I was practically holding my breath just waiting to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Finally she zeroed in on our teeny tiny little baby and it was unbelievable. We only got to hear the heart briefly but it was so loud and so fast!! 170 bpm. There was a tiny, pulsating dot of light in the middle of the baby and the tech told us that that was it’s heart. I couldn’t stop staring at that little dot, amazed at how quickly life develops and becomes an itsy bitsy person. I was so concerned with hearing the heart and seeing the baby that I 100% forgot about the twins thing believe it or not!! It was Zach who asked “So is there just one in there?” She laughed and replied, “Yes, just one.” I was somewhat relieved but he was right, it wouldn’t have mattered in the scheme of things. We got our pictures and informed all the ladies at the front that it was indeed just one baby since they were all dying to know, haha. I was also told that I was exactly 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant which is exactly what I thought I was. Apparently my uterus just measure high because I have such an incredibly short torso! We left Community thankful and peaceful and I stared at the sonogram of our baby all the way home. 🙂



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