10 Mar

It’s practically a heat wave here in Muncie, Indiana! And apparently around much of America right now. Yesterday got above 50 degrees and almost all our snow is gone. Keep the spring-like weather coming please! It must be due to daylight savings time…

Speaking of daylight savings time, remember how I passed out at 9pm Saturday night? Well Sunday morning I woke up around 7:30 to go to the bathroom and Zach asks, “Did you remember to set the clock forward?” Nope. Just like that it became 8:30! Thank goodness he checked because we would have missed church otherwise. Then we would have missed out on fellowshipping with friends and hearing a fantastic message about time being the most important possession we have and being aware of all the ways we are using it. It’s amazing how every Sunday has something I always need to hear!

After church was the usual buying kid’s groceries/Mom’s kid’s groceries for the week and I finished up my taxes at Mom and Dad’s house. They are ready to send off even if I’m not ready to receive the damage yet… A lot of times Sunday is relaxing and lazy but this Sunday was rather busy! We ate lunch then Zach was priming the wall and painting trim and doors, I was cleaning and taking a wonderful, warmish walk around the neighborhood. The snow melt made for lots of puddles to avoid but I wasn’t complaining one bit! I walked for 37 minutes (2.03 miles) and loved every second of being outdoors.

I had dinner that I was planning on making but Mom and Dad came over because they wanted to see our cabinets and wall and they said they’d take us to dinner. Who’s going to say no to that?! 😉 The four of us ate mexican at Casa del Sol and it was the first time that it wasn’t too greasy/didn’t make me queasy. Perhaps I can be friends with Puerto again? After dinner we ran to the store to get some of our stuff for the week before heading to Nick’s for Walking Dead. Glad to be feeling well enough to do this on Sunday evenings again!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes
  • Lunch – a few bites of mac and cheese, veggies and dip
  • Supper – chips and queso, salad, quesadilla
  • Snack – 1/2 of a mini vanilla custard w/strawberries

It was dark come Monday morning. Way darker than it has been. Oh daylight savings time. I miss my light in the morning but I do love that it is still light out at 7pm now, makes it feel like summer is coming!! (Or at least spring…) I was also really tired. In fact I was, what I thought, was a ridiculous amount of tired because I still got 8 solid hours of sleep. I’m used to getting over 9 a night these last few months though and I pathetically whined to Zach that I was sleepy because I only got a good amount of sleep and not a great amount of sleep haha.

I still did my gazelle though and my energy picked up as the day went on. I ate the very last piece of that delicious coffee cake. That has made the best breakfast standby the last week! A perfect blend of health and decadence and the whole wheat denseness always made it good and filling. Going to have to make that again soon… At nap time I made polenta as part of my Polenta Caprese Pizza I was making for dinner, torn out of a Self magazine. I boiled 1% milk, water and salt and added the polenta to cook until thick. I spread it out on an oil-coated pan and let it sit in the refrigerator for later. Then I chopped up shallots, garlic and tomatoes also to be used later.

IMG_9763 IMG_9764

The second I got off work I set foot out the door. I’d already laced up my shoes and put on my North Face fleece (thrilled that it wasn’t my puffy winter coat) and I took off running, book in my hand. Disclaimer- I don’t read while I run outside, just take it to read when I stop and walk. My plan was to run a half mile and then walk the rest. Well I hit half a mile and felt so great I thought I’d run to 3/4 of a mile. Passed that and hit a mile and kept going! I ran over a mile and felt wonderful. I don’t know exactly how much over a mile I ran so I am only going to count it as 1 on my progress tracking, but that’s the most I’ve run in ages!! I was so happy. I alternated walking with a little more running the rest of the time for 26 minutes, 2.25 miles. I walked back in my front door about 5 minutes before the first people showed up for Bible study, cutting it close! It was another great week of learning with our friends.

While people were here the polenta crust cooked in the oven. Then, after Bible study, I sautéed the shallots and garlic in oil and added the tomatoes after a few minutes. When the tomatoes were softened I smashed the mixture with an avocado masher, seasoned it with salt and pepper and spread it onto the polenta. Topped with cut up pieces of fresh mozzarella to bake until the cheese melted.


Basil for a finishing touch!


Besides two of the edges of polenta that got too crispy, this was excellent! Especially when we added red pepper flakes. 🙂 Zach and I both really loved this dish and we both had two pieces. It was extra great knowing how healthy and low-calorie of a “pizza” this was!


Our current IMDB top 250 movie that accompanied dinner? Taxi Driver with a very young Robert DeNiro and practically unrecognizable Jodie Foster. I love watching all these classic movies. 🙂

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes 
  • Lunch – cinnamon raisin bread, small amount of ww spaghetti
  • Supper – polenta pizza, mini ice cream

104/1,200 miles. (finally broke 100 haha!) 4 running miles.


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