6 Mar

I don’t want to jinx it since my last couple of weekends have been pretty rough, but so far this week has been great! I’ve had a head cold which has me awfully stuffed up but otherwise I have felt better than I have in months. I’ve had zero nausea and while still tired at night pretty early, I find myself having more energy during the day.

Wednesday I did both gazelle and 20 minutes on the bike at Mom’s plus some pushups, lunges and squats (which I do pretty much every day, I just don’t usually mention them!). I got off work a bit late and we went right to Mom’s after. She fed us beets, some really good pork chops and cheesy potatoes just for me. Well, everybody got to eat them, but she made them because I had a dream about them and love them so much, haha! Pregnancy is weird. 🙂 I watched my show and Zach and I came home and read until bedtime.

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes
  • Lunch – 1/2 banana, broccoli and cauliflower w/cheese
  • Supper – beets, pork chop, cheesy potatoes

Thursday morning gazelle time was done and yet another day of daycare ensued. We did typical daycare things like talk about the letter G, discuss the weather, read our Bible story and paint rainbows with pots of gold at the end. 🙂 May just sound like a really “fun” day but trust me, you don’t know controlling a classroom of 10 kids ranging from 18 months to 5 years until you’ve tried it yourself!! I hit the gym after work and…ran! I didn’t run much and I didn’t run fast but it was the first time I have ran since I was 5 weeks. If that’s not a sign of my energy coming back then I don’t know what is! I ran half a mile and then walked slightly faster than I was earlier in the week for 30 minutes, 2.2 miles. It’s so incredibly nice to be active again, my body loves it. Though if I don’t start putting on baby weight the next couple of weeks the doctor is going to wonder why I’m down more than 6 pounds (so far) from my last appointment!! 🙂

Zach and I ate dinner from Qdoba while finishing Groundhog Day and then discovered how incredibly easy it is to take our wallpaper off in the front living room (which is our next project). Zach has always said taking wallpaper down is absolutely horrible and it was going to be this huge job but apparently whoever put ours up had zero clue what they were doing because it is coming off in complete pieces with zero effort. This entertained us for awhile. (Pictures to come of the hideous paint job underneath!). Then it was off to bed and now another weekend is upon us!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, grapes (a great breakfast deserves a repeat!)
  • Lunch – raw veggies and dip, apple (look at all the veggies coming back to my diet!)
  • Supper – burrito, chips and queso 

96/1,200 miles. 3/200 running miles…haha I think I might strike the whole “running miles” goal of 200 for 2015 and just see how many I actually get.


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