5 Mar

I was decently prepared and knowledgeable about the myriad of symptoms that I could experience and go through in my first trimester. What I was NOT prepared for, however, was the worry! I am pretty sure that besides fatigue, worry was my greatest “side effect” for probably the first 4 weeks. Every night I went to bed thankful to get through yet another day and still be pregnant. I don’t know if all people are that worried about miscarriage but I chalk part of it up to my type A personality and part of it to how long we’d been trying. It just felt like after all that time it was too good to be true! It also doesn’t help to read all these articles and books that let you know just how high the risk of miscarriage is for a first time pregnancy…avoid the web, it doesn’t comfort you.

It wasn’t until getting into week 8 and having my first prenatal appointment in the near future that I finally settled down a little. I spent a good part of each day turning anxiety over to God and trusting Him then turning around and worrying at every little twinge and feeling and having to start all over again. It was a relief to finally settle into the idea that I was pregnant and that while yes, anything could still happen, I could enjoy each day as it came and not fear everything.

Also, if you are newly pregnant, don’t scare yourself with stories about ectopic pregnancy. Around 6 weeks I was practically convinced that I was having one just because my symptoms were unfamiliar and scary.

Symptom-wise, pretty much the only thing I experienced the first few weeks was SERIOUS fatigue. I think I would have known something was up even if I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test because I was flat out exhausted almost the entire day, going to bed usually by or before 9pm each night. As I eased into week six I waited for the dreaded nausea to come but I didn’t really experience it. I definitely had a heightened sense of smell and some of the things that I fixed for the kids for lunch had such a strong, bad smell to me that it made me queasy, but not sick. I also found myself suddenly really turned off to most foods. Fruit was good, potatoes were good, pasta was good. Almost everything else seemed pretty evil, especially vegetables. Things I usually love like broccoli and cauliflower with cheese or brussels sprouts or omelettes just sounded completely awful. It was crazy!

Weeks 7 and 8 I started having nausea a little bit more but still wasn’t getting sick. It definitely killed my appetite and I didn’t want to eat or only wanted certain things. I had a hard time working out and while I still almost always made myself do the gazelle and get some walking in, I was avoiding the gym almost completely. The fatigue combined with nausea made going to the gym after an 11 hour workday sound like a near impossible feat.

I was thrilled week to week as baby changed from poppyseed to black peppercorn to blueberry to raspberry to a southern pecan by week 8. It’s so fun on each weekly update to see what size it is and how much it grows!! My best friends were so fun to tell and I sent “Will You Be My Auntie?” mugs to Hillary and Kori and that’s how they found out the news. This little baby will have NO first generation aunts and uncles since Zach and I are both only children, but between our extended family, our church family and our closest friends I have a feeling that those titles will still be well used. 🙂 More family found out, I told the daycare parents who knew we’d been trying and were so sweetly excited for us and our Bible study cheered and cried and prayed with us. Then, the day before our first obgyn appointment, I threw up for the first time. Oh the fun was beginning…

Next Bean post: First doctor’s visit, a heartbeat and seeing Baby on the screen!


One Response to “THE EARLY WEEKS”

  1. victoria March 5, 2015 at 7:37 pm #

    Awe……..sweetheart! I love you & am covering you in prayer to stay in peace & free from worry. I know what thats like. You are doing so great.

    I so agree that the internet can be very confusing & scary. I have to stay away from certain websites & research on medical issues also.

    Hugs, hugs, prayers & hugs.

    Tell little Bean “sprout” I said hello & I’m always thinking of her/him!!


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