4 Mar

Monday morning I didn’t get my gazelle time in. Not because I was too tired or feeling poorly though, I was just too busy!! Mondays always bring busyness since the weekend is over plus cleaning for Bible study but on top of all that I was putting the kitchen back together – quite the task. Then I apparently hit a bit of a nesting phase because I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning the kitchen. Using a toothbrush and several magic erasers, I cleaned every nook and cranny! All around the sink fixtures, door frames, light switches, every crack around the window, the fridge and oh the stove. The head and the panel where all the buttons/knobs/etc are get incredibly thick with a sheen of grease and it is a CHORE to clean. By the time I was finished it was sparkling and I thought I should have taken before and after photos!! But I do have a photo of the finished cabinetry!

IMG_9742 IMG_9743

I stayed busy the whole day and then after work…I went to the gym! Two days in a row. 🙂 That’s a big deal for me as of late. I didn’t have a lot of time because I got off late but I walked for 20 minutes (1.26 miles) and then rushed back home. I don’t know which part of Bible study I enjoyed more this week, reading deep into Jesus’ resurrection or the practically 40 minutes of laughing and talking where time got away from us. We have such a great group!

In all of my hustle and bustle cleaning and deep-cleaning you know what I didn’t do? Put dinner in the crockpot. Which had us picking up pasta for dinner and you didn’t hear me complain! 😉 Parks and Rec and kitties cuddling and off to bed.

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – omelette, toast
  • Lunch – grapes, pickle (wasn’t very hungry)
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks, alfredo, cadbury egg (was hungry then!)

Tuesday morning I got to sleep a little later which was amazing and then I had plenty of energy for my gazelle! You know what makes a good husband? One who makes you a cinnamon roll coffee cake if you ask him to. But you know what makes a GREAT husband? One who makes you a cinnamon roll coffee cake from scratch JUST because you mentioned that it sounded good. Seriously. Zach got up and we were talking and I just said “Man cinnamon rolls sound really good. Except the best part of a cinnamon roll is the middle, so something that is basically just the middle sounds even better. I don’t even know what that would be. A coffee cake or something?” I am just commenting and musing aloud and he says, “I’ll make you one!” I said, “One what?” “A cinnamon roll coffee cake!” And he did.



He frosted 3/4 of it with cream cheese frosting and 1/4 of it with a powdered sugar icing that the recipe called for (which was more like a glaze so it’s hard to see). I said I like cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting best so he tried out both. Every single thing, even the cream cheese frosting was from scratch. He also made it healthier too using low-fat and egg whites and whole wheat flour and almond milk!! This was well worth waiting for. We both agreed the cream cheese side was best but the other side was really very good as well. What a great start to Tuesday. 🙂

The weather got the warmest it’s been in a little while which helped melt our snow some but there is still too much of it out there for my taste. Welcome to March, Indiana. Tuesday afternoon I DID remember to put dinner in the crockpot. I was making an Egg and Cheese Bake from Fix-It and Forget-It that I had high hopes for which it sadly didn’t meet. I toasted whole wheat bread and cut it into cubes-


Tossed with with bacon (which I cooked and crumbled), cheddar cheese and green peppers and put in the crockpot. Then I mixed eggs, egg whites, almond milk and pepper and poured that over the stuff. It cooked for several hours and smelled good and looked good.


We dished it up and…eh.


It was bland for one thing. More salt and pepper helped but it still wasn’t great. My even bigger complaint was how soggy it was! I am not crazy about soggy foods and this just seemed, for lack of a better description, wet. Zach liked it a little more than me but I could tell he wasn’t over the moon for it either so this one will NOT be making a reappearance.


We watched some of Groundhog Day, hadn’t seen that in years! A classic. 🙂 We also took a short drive just to be out of the house.

So far this week I haven’t dealt with nausea at all, my fatigue seems slightly lessened and certain foods that seemed so evil aren’t so bad right now! I’m 11 weeks today and Bean is now the size of a brussels sprout. 🙂 Love that little sprout!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake
  • Lunch – salad, 2 small potato tacos
  • Supper – 1 pc. eg bake

90/1,200 miles.


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