3 Mar

The same Wednesday that I took all those tests and gave Zach his book and we found out we were going to be parents was an otherwise normal Wednesday. And what do I do most every normal Wednesday? Have dinner at Mom and Dad’s of course! Before I got pregnant I knew that I would tell Zach immediately but didn’t know if we’d tell anyone else right away, even our families, because the risk of miscarriage is so much greater when it’s so early on. Well as soon as I actually knew I was pregnant I had my answer. There was no way I was going to even be able to go another day without telling my parents!

I sat anxiously through dinner waiting for everyone to finish. We were all done and just waiting on Dad and it felt like he was eating slower than he ever had in his life! When he was finally done I corralled my parents in their living room and gave them a present. I told them that there was something they needed to open that they were going to need for Chicago. Meanwhile I had the camera up (as though I was going to take a picture) and was secretly filming them. Perhaps in some homes this would all be suspicious, but in my family, there’s absolutely nothing strange about me giving gifts and taking pictures of things so they were clueless. They opened the bag to find a little box with baby shoes in it and a note taped to the top.

*Back story on the shoes- when I was first deciding that we wanted to start trying to have a family, Mom gave me an adorable white, lacy pair of newborn shoes that she had worn as a baby and then I also wore as a baby in hopes that someday my baby would wear them too. (If it’s a boy, he’ll just have to suffer through it for a picture.) 😉 I’d held onto those shoes this whole time waiting for the right opportunity to use them*

The note on the shoes read “Gramps and Nana Jan, I’ll be here come September! Love, Baby R”. We hadn’t started calling it Bean yet. 🙂 Now my parents are so used to be fooling them and doing confusing surprises that they just did not even get it at first. Mom is looking at Zach saying “Nuh-uh. Really? No. Really?!” and Dad’s face starts registering shock. Unfortunately in my excitement I stopped filming early and missed Mom’s absolutely ecstatic reaction when the truth set in. Take my word for it though, it was great. 🙂 We immediately had to go and stare at the few baby things Mom had already purchased and it made everything just a little more real. That night I took my first picture, though at exactly 4 weeks pregnant, there isn’t anything to see, just the excitement on my face!



Zach’s parents were next up to tell but we decided to wait until the next Friday just because it was still so, so early. Then Mom called begging us to tell Grandma (her mom) that next Thursday as a surprise for Grandma’s birthday. I acquiesced and we ordered her a shirt offline that said “Oh So Beautiful and Young (I repeat…young) Great-Grandma”. Once again, the gift and the camera out were no big thing since it was her birthday.


She opens the present and reads the shirt and just smiles a normal smile and says thank-you. She was completely clueless! Mom told her to read it again and she did…still nothing. The whole time she is thinking it’s just a shirt from me telling her she is a “great” grandma, not a GREAT-Grandma. So Mom says “ARE you a great-grandma?!” and she pauses and her eyes get huge and she looks right at the camera and says “REALLY?!” (much like her daughter the week before). 🙂 This time I got all of the good reaction on video. I am an only-grandchild so this will be Grandma’s only chance at being a great-grandmother which is a really special thing!

The next day, Friday, I was so excited to break the news to my in-laws. Zach and I had the whole thing planned and we got over there and…they weren’t home. Haha so we had to go back home and wait a little while until they said they’d be back. We drove over and…their car was still gone. This time we went for a short drive in the direction they should be coming home from and Zach says “There goes their car!” They didn’t realize they had passed us and we followed them back home and into the house. Zach was pretending to work on something in the computer room while Vicki and I walked around talking about various things (no idea what we talked about as I was just anxious for the surprise!). Zach calls out to his mom that he needs help printing or something and she goes in and sits at the computer and brings up the screen he had been working on. Which was a picture of my positive pregnancy test. Camera rolling yet again captured a tearful, happy reaction during which I am pretty sure the question “Really?” was posed yet again. 🙂 When everyone has been waiting this long to hear news, it’s kind of unbelievable when it happens!!


So there you have it, the family announcements!!

Next Baby Bean post: The waiting game of the first few weeks + symptoms begin.


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