2 Mar

The above title is what I have dubbed my version of “morning sickness”. I actually almost always feel just fine in the mornings but it has been consistent lately that every day around 3 or 3:30 I start getting hit with nausea and then fight it (half the time getting sick, the other half just feeling crummy) until 8 or so. That’s pretty much how my whole weekend has been. And here I was just writing in the last post about leaving first trimester symptoms behind…ha!

Friday morning I felt probably the best I’ve felt so far. I had lots of energy, did the gazelle and some squats and lunges. Lunch-time I felt a little blah and tried to eat what sounded okay and then ended up sick in the afternoon. This was sad because I had really been looking forward to the weekend and spending time with Zach and doing things but I was pretty much laid out on the couch the rest of the evening. I wasn’t hungry until well after 8 and then Italian was the only thing in the world I wanted (such a pasta fanatic) so Zach picked us up a dinner that we shared that seemed very reminiscent of last Friday’s dinner at Rosie’s…haha. Then I read on the couch for over an hour while Zach worked on the next section of cabinets. Bed-time early and that was my Friday whether I liked it or not! 🙂

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries, 1 slice french toast (I always make my own with whole wheat bread)
  • Lunch – soup, cheese crackers
  • Supper – salad, breadsticks, bites of – lasagna, chx. parm and alfredo

Saturday morning I woke up, feeling great of course, and put myself to work while I still felt okay. Shower, drying hair, cleaning, menu planning and then it was off to a birthday party for Noah- Zach’s little cousin who is also in my daycare.


It was fun because lots of boys (both past and present) from my preschool were there so I got to sit and visit and talk mommy talk with all the moms. I have really good relationships with all my daycare parents which is such a blessing really. We watched the kids run wild, ate not healthy party food, saw Noah open his presents and then came back home. I was pretty tired and napped on the couch while Zach worked more on the cabinets and when I woke up…afternoon sickness. I spent the next couple of hours alternating feeling nauseous with throwing up. Hillary came over that night to hang out and we watched a movie, Winter’s Tale, and finally at almost 9pm I was able to eat- mac and cheese of course. If my kid either loves or hates pasta, we’ll know why!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit
  • Lunch – 1 1/2 pcs. pizza, cupcake w/ice cream
  • Supper – mac and cheese

Sunday morning Zach was already gone to work sound booth when I woke up and there was a good 5+ inches of snow outside. Thankfully I was being picked up by Hillary and didn’t have to drive! Sam (our pastor) and the team that went to Liberia were all back and it was great to see everyone and hear Sam preach again. He had such an excellent message on “giving up” which may initially not sound encouraging but it was all about emptying our hands of the meaningless things we’ve filled them with to allow us to receive what God has for us.

We grocery shopped for the kids and Mom before heading home to make some lunch. Zach got to work finishing up the cabinets (we’re almost done with that part of the project now!!) while I once again sat on the couch feeling rough. On top of some queasiness I’ve also been stuffy and fighting a sore throat this weekend. I couldn’t handle another listless day of sitting around though so I forced myself to get up and moving and I went off to the gym for the first time in weeks!! I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill and was pretty tired by the time I got off, though I didn’t walk super fast, but I got 1.78 miles in that never would have been achieved sitting on my couch. I took it a step farther and went to the store after that to get Zach and I’s food/supplies for the week and felt worn out but accomplished by the time I got back home. Then I got to veg on the couch a little. 🙂

I didn’t lay around too long though, Zach was finishing up the cabinets (picture soon!!) and shoveling the driveway and I forced myself to fix dinner. I made mashed potatoes from a refrigerator mix and Barbecue Turkey Meatballs from a Cooking Light magazine. Cooking is still really tough for me right now but luckily this recipe was pretty easy. The worst part was working with the raw turkey *shudder*. I usually wouldn’t bat an eye but right now…everything is different! In a blender I pureed brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, cumin, paprika, ground cloves and diced tomatoes with green chiles until smooth.



In a large bowl I mixed together lean ground turkey, breadcrumbs and chili powder and formed them into meatballs. They browned on the stove then cooked with the tomato sauce, covered, until the meatballs were done. Served with mashed potatoes.


This was all I was able to get down- 3 meatballs and a little bit of potatoes. I think I would really like this if I were feeling better. Zach absolutely LOVED it so I need to make it again not in the first trimester. I didn’t hate it by any means, it just didn’t taste great to me.


We took a drive after dinner and got some custard. I got vanilla with strawberries. Once again I ask, who is this girl who doesn’t want chocolate?? Berries and plain ice cream? It’s my new thing! We saw that the flavor of the day was mint chocolate chip, Mom’s favorite, and she’s been so down about her foot lately that we took her some as a cheering up treat. 🙂 No Nick’s for Walking Dead this week because I was not feeling the best and was totally exhausted. Instead I went to bed around the time the show would start! Sleep is king right now.

Another weekend gone just like that and it’s one less weekend until Bean gets here!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries, 1 sl. cinnamon toast
  • Lunch – PB&J whole wheat wrap, doughnut
  • Supper – 3 turkey meatballs + mashed potatoes, small custard

87.5/1,200 miles.


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