26 Feb

At the end of 2013 Zach and I finally decided that we were ready to start our family. I’d gone off my birth control and we started getting excited to add to our number. We even asked for some baby stuff for Christmas that year as we were fairly certain it would be our last Christmas before a baby. In fact, here are some never before shared photos of us getting our beautiful crib (that I now can’t wait to put together!) from my parents:

IMG_8046_2 IMG_8048_2

I never shared them, even on Facebook, because I didn’t want people to think I was crazy getting a crib before the baby!! It was our dream crib though and we were thrilled. Then to match the theme, we received the incredibly comfortable (and stylish) matching rocker/glider from Zach’s mom and dad!


And then…we waited. And waited. And before we knew it we were at Christmas-time 2014 with no baby in sight. When we first started “trying” I wanted it to be absolutely pressure-free and so I didn’t do anything along the lines of fertility tracking or ovulation checking or anything like that. Unfortunately it seemed we were the type of people who needed more guidelines so near the end of 2014 I started tracking on a fertility app and then in December I used ovulation predictors for the first time. Apparently first time is the charm because New Year’s Eve ended up being even more of a party than Zach and I anticipated!! Yep, our baby’s a product of the last day ever of 2014. A great way to end the year if I do say so myself.

Fast forward two weeks after NYE. I absolutely didn’t think I was pregnant in any way, shape or form. I’m calling what happened next a God thing because it was incredibly unlike me. It was a regular ol’ Wednesday and I decided in my head that I wanted to take some wine over to Mom’s to watch Bachelor that night. Nothing out of the ordinary for me but for some reason it popped into my head “I should take a pregnancy test first.” Why this popped in my head I have no idea. I wasn’t even more than a few days “late” (which I’m all over the place so that didn’t mean anything anyway) and didn’t feel pregnant. There was absolutely no reason I would ever take a pregnancy test at this point. Except I did. When the 3 minutes was up and I looked at it, it was negative as I expected. Or was it? Suddenly I was noticing a faint second line and wondering if that had ever been there before. Googling images of positive pregnancy tests to find out if a line that faint actually meant you were pregnant. I’d taken so many negative tests over the past year that I was 100% not expecting anything. So I waited awhile and took another…


The second test came out with the line slightly darker than the first one and this time I knew.


Pregnant. I was in complete and utter disbelief. I did NOT see this coming but I was absolutely thrilled (after the shock wore off). I knew it had to be really, really early still which made me incredibly nervous. I spent the rest of the workday in a haze, counting the minutes until I got off work so I could head to the store. The store had a dual purpose- 1) to buy a different type of pregnancy test just to be completely certain (I still couldn’t believe it) and 2) to print off a picture to complete a surprise I’d made for Zach over a year and a half before. This all took place on a Wednesday and Zach had been having soccer every single Wednesday. The fact that he was home this evening was just another God thing. I got back from the store and he was already home. I kept him busy in the kitchen while I took yet another test which *surprise* was positive as well. Three tests in one day. Shows you how skeptical I was that this was really happening! When I got that third positive I taped the picture of the pregnancy test into the back of a photo book I had made for Zach. Before we even were completely trying to get pregnant I made him a book online and had it sent to my house. The book is called “Zachary Evan Rabenstein” and it is a book all about him.

Every page is pictures of him/us and includes different parts of his personality. A full spread on sports/activities, another on travel, one on food, one on being a romantic, etc. Each page rhymes such as, on a family page, “He’s a family man, through and through. He’s got love for everyone, it’s true!” The whole thing is designed to just look like a cute book that I made him because I love him and he’s awesome, which is what he thought. That is until he gets to the end of the book where it says “Zach Rabenstein is one great guy and that right there is the reason why…” and you turn the page to my taped in picture of the positive test plus the words “I’m so glad he’s my dad!!” In reality the book was “from” his child all along! If I was in shock, I don’t even know what to call Zach’s reaction. It’s like, when you feel like you have been waiting for this news for so long and it never comes, a part of you starts believing it will never come. So to hear this at a completely random, unexpected time, he just couldn’t even comprehend what he was hearing. For the first hour he was dazed and said he didn’t even think he could eat dinner. As I knew would happen though, once we got to my parent’s for dinner (like any other Wednesday) and he began eating, he was absolutely starved. After the news set in for him he was adorably excited and has been incredibly sweet and protective and helpful and involved and pretty much anything a pregnant woman could hope for her husband to be. 🙂

Next baby post: Telling our families


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