25 Feb

Going to bed “super late” (aka 10:20 instead of like 9pm) combined with a new thermostat that we hadn’t quite figured out which made the house really hot at around 3:45am, made for a verrry tired girl Monday morning. In fact, all of Monday. I think it was actually one of the worst days of fatigue I have dealt with so far. At nap-time I just sat on the couch, not even with the energy to watch a show on Netflix, stared out the window and wished for the workday to be done. I also battled nausea pretty hard off and on all day. Despite all this, I still managed to get some more cleaning done for Bible study and was thankfully feeling marginally better by the time people showed up.

The fellowship and fun and relaxation of visiting and studying the Bible with our small group always helps to restore a little bit of calm and normalcy into my currently topsy-turvy life. We finished up the book of James and it was great! Read James if you haven’t lately; a short book with a lot to glean! By the time everyone had left I had gained a little bit of an appetite for one thing- Chinese. Haha thankfully Zach is always willing to go along with me and he went and picked some up for us. We ate during Dexter, which is getting really crazy by the way, and then I crashed into bed hoping for more sleep and more restful sleep than the previous night!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – biscuit w/gravy
  • Lunch – couple bites of a juice (my attempt at nutrition), couple crackers w/cheese
  • Supper – egg roll, lo mein, chx w/ rice

Tuesday morning was much better than Monday. I did my gazelle and while I still dealt with some morning sickness, I was much less fatigued. Just the normal pregnancy amount, not over the top. 😉 Unfortunately the combination of nausea and hunger at the same time caused me not to make the smartest eating choices and I ended up with a doughnut for breakfast (super unlike me) and a small plate of Chinese leftovers for lunch. During the morning I had Zach make the dinner we’d have that night. I have had a recipe lined up for days that sounds good and whenever it gets time to make it I get the biggest aversion to cooking it. It has a “garlic-onion puree” in it and for some reason I was having the absolute hardest time with the idea of making that. Even typing the words is making me gag! Weird huh? I can’t make this stuff up. So I thought maybe if I had Zach make it then hopefully by evening I’d be fine eating it. This worked fine but let me tell you, when he was cooking the garlic + onion in the microwave for 10 minutes and it smelled so strong, I repeatedly thought I was going to be sick. I managed the meal fine that night but I think I am going to avoid using garlic in my recipes for the next couple of week… Too bad because I usually love the flavor/smell of it!

So what was this recipe I had been wrestling with? You’ll never believe that THIS is what I had the hardest time trying to make:


IT’S MACARONI AND CHEESE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Macaroni and Cheese with a Crusty Crunch to be exact from Now Eat This! I’ve been wanting pasta so much lately that I figured I should try to find some healthier versions to eat and this recipe took breadcrumb mac and cheese from 670 calories a serving to 227. It also cut the fat down by over 1/5. Luckily this was one of those casserole type things that you can assemble ahead of time and then bake later. Here’s what I know-

  • Zach cooked elbow macaroni
  • He made the onion-garlic puree (shudder) and mixed it with cayenne and ground mustard on the stovetop
  • Cheddar cheese was whisked into simmering onion-garlic mix
  • Onion-garlic cheese mix removed from heat and greek yogurt stirred in
  • Toss macaroni with cheese sauce and put it in casserole dish

After work and a shower and a game of Scattergories, when we were finally hungry, he topped the casserole with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese and baked it in the oven for 12 minutes.


While the hint of the garlic in this bothered me slightly, this was really, really good overall! I had 2 helpings of it and have already decided we need to make more of this.



It didn’t make a lot so next time I’d double the recipe and cut down on that garlic!! (For now.) We finished The Hustler, went to the store to do some grocery shopping and picked up a strawberry shake- my second of the week. Who am I hating garlic and liking strawberry shakes? Baby Bean has a lot of control over my life right now. 🙂

Speaking of Bean- I’m now TEN weeks today!! We are officially 1/4 of the way done with pregnancy. Crazy!! Bean’s the size of a kumquat and growing rapidly. Apparently I am going to start growing rapidly  soon too. So far I’ve only dropped weight and am definitely not showing yet, but that may all start to change soon. 🙂 I am planning on writing my first baby post tomorrow. I’ve been journaling privately like crazy but want to include some of the big, fun steps on here!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – doughnut
  • Lunch – lo mein, chx. w/rice
  • Supper – mac and cheese, shake

80.5/1,200 miles.


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