21 Feb

Thursday came with no sign of the hives at all and a good gazelle time in the morning. I had a full group of kids on the coldest day we’ve had this year and, as always on those kind of days, felt thankful for a job where I don’t leave my house! I got to have a cupcake with my lunch thanks to it being a birthday for one of my kiddos and the day went really well overall. Until about 4 pm. Then I started to feel awfully nauseous but kept pushing it down. I got off work and showered, Zach and I made supper and I tried to pretend I felt find. Our dinner was Asian Chicken Noodle Soup from Quick Soups, Simple Salads.


It was fairly simple, especially since I left out the chicken part of the chicken noodle soup ha! In a saucepan we cooked chicken broth, water, dried fine egg noodles, soy sauce, grated ginger and red pepper flakes. After boiling I added red pepper, green pepper (instead of carrot) and green onion. The whole thing simmered for just a bit and then we threw in pea pods at the very end and that was it!

IMG_9701 IMG_9702

This was a good soup that was easy, healthy and had good flavor. All of which is highly unfortunate because after dinner I was sick the rest of the night. :/ Don’t think that soup will be resurrected anytime soon… We watched some of The Hustler on Netflix before I turned in early. I’d thought maybe I avoided this morning sickness thing but all of the sudden we’re getting into week 9 and it raises it’s head.

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 sl. french toast, 1 egg on toast
  • Lunch – cheese and crackers, cupcake
  • Supper – soup

Friday morning I woke up still feeling yucky. It wasn’t enough to keep me from the gazelle, but it was enough that I couldn’t make myself eat breakfast until nearly 10am. Unfortunately it also was enough to make a decision for me. Zach and I were supposed to be heading to Bloomington for the weekend for our friend Ryan’s birthday party. I already knew it was a less-than-ideal sleeping situation because we’d be bedding down on the floor and I wouldn’t be able to go to bed until all the party-goers were gone but I was prepared to deal with a late night (usually I’m in bed by 9). Unfortunately the fatigue coupled with being sick was just too much. Zach still went but I reluctantly chose to stay home. On the one hand I was so happy to be able to be going to sleep as soon as I was tired and be able to sleep in my bed but on the other hand I hated not seeing Ryan and Kaitlin and missing out on the fun! Pregnancy problems. 🙂

I really struggled this day on making myself eat, especially on making myself eat nutritionally. One of the only things that seems to be working the past couple of days for breakfast is a fried egg with the healthy version of mayonnaise on whole wheat bread. For lunch I got down a small bowl of greek yogurt with strawberries and some granola. All day there was only one specific food, or rather meal, that sounded more than tolerable, but actually good. Rosie’s. You remember the little Italian joint we go to every year before we see the lights at Christmas-time? That Rosie’s. I had already told Mom I’d be hanging out at their house that evening since Zach would be gone and she was trying to figure out just what to make me for supper. I called Dad and mentioned that just maybe the baby and I only wanted one thing in the entire world and that would be Rosie’s. I could hear him smile over the phone as he said “26 years old and still playing your old dad, huh?” Guess where we went to dinner?


🙂 My daddy loves me. I ate small portions of all my favorite things (Mom and I share that lasagna) and it was perfect. I’m so grateful for parents who will drop their Friday night to run their pregnant, whiny daughter 45 minutes away to feed her Italian food. Watched TV with Mom before going home to get in bed by 10, very happy that I was able to go to bed as soon as I wanted to. I missed Zach but passed out quickly, growing a baby is exhausting!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg on bread
  • Lunch – yogurt w/strawberries, a few cheese crackers (because my regular crackers were gone!)
  • Supper – bread, salad, bites of lasagna, spaghetti, veal parmesan, potato

76/1,200 miles. (Not sure if I need to rethink these mileage goals due to Baby Bean’s presence…for now I’ll keep them the same but we will see how the year progresses! Hoping to be even more active in a couple more weeks as first trimester fatigue lessens.)

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