20 Feb

Don’t judge my face too harshly in the picture I am about to share…it’s the only day of my life that I’ve ever looked like that. Monday night when I went to bed all covered and itchy and red, I took some Benadryll and thankfully with that dose plus one more in the middle of the night, it miraculously helped me sleep the whole night through. Thank goodness for it’s knock-out powers because I wouldn’t have gotten a wink otherwise. When I woke up for work Tuesday morning my welts were less red and less noticeable in general but my poor face had gotten quite puffy in the night. IMG_9699

This picture doesn’t even do justice. You can barely see the numerous, bee-sting looking bumps all over. My left eye was barely open a good portion of the morning. I was swollen all through my nose and cheeks and eyes and the few kids I had that day looked at me like I was a monster. Thankfully I only had 4 back because after several days of hardly eating and laying on the couch, I had ZERO energy. I couldn’t take Benadryll the whole workday because it knocks me out and even then I still had to have Zach come home at nap-time to let me rest because I was so dead on my feet. By the time I got off work I was getting pretty itchy and the welts were starting to get worse, so after a small dinner I took more meds and went off to bed. Here’s my arm by bed-time that night:


It was MUCH better than the night before! Monday night it was almost completely covered so I knew this was progress. Fell asleep hoping to wake up even better the next day. Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – popsicle, a few crackers
  • Lunch – popsicle, a couple bites of mashed potatoes
  • Supper – salad, 3/4 of a small shrimp pasta

*Hives takes your appetite away!!* Wednesday morning was the first morning I felt well enough to do my gazelle. I moved slowly, but it was great to get some movement in!! It was also the first morning I had an appetite. I reallllly wanted pancakes so Zach went and got a breakfast meal that we shared. It tasted good but I was so full from the most food I’d eaten in days that I only had plums for lunch. I suppose I wasn’t as ready for food as I thought… I had almost my full group of kids back but had a lot more energy than the day before. I also, while still a little itchy, was barely showing any hives at all. By the time the workday was done I was getting run down but I was pleased with my first good day in what felt like forever. Zach and I went to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and the Bachelor. With dinner Mom made my absolute favorite, Stouffers mac and cheese, and it tasted absolutely amazing. I was so glad to eat food again!! I only took one benadryll this whole day and it was right before bed. I’d been trying to take it as little as I could anyway because even though they okayed it, I didn’t want to take many meds with little Bean riding passenger! I went to sleep with relief that I was finally almost completely done with those horrid hives. Lets hope that was a one-time thing and that these don’t reoccur!! Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 1/2 pancakes, 2 pcs. bacon, 1 egg, a few home fries
  • Lunch – 2 small plums
  • Supper – apple tartlet, broccoli, chicken, mac and cheese

73/1,200 miles.


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