19 Feb

Before I get to any baby posts, I’ve got to catch up from the very long, sick Valentine’s Day weekend we just had. I had had a kid throw up at school on Thursday and again on Friday. By Friday night/early Saturday morning 7 of my 10 kids all had it along with Zach. 😦 He started throwing up in the middle of the night and was a miserable thing most of the day on Saturday. I felt fine on the other hand and was productive going to the store, showering, making a menu for the week, doing some in place walking at home for 20 minutes (because it was freezing outside and I just didn’t feel like the gym) and attending my first prenatal yoga class! It was only me and one other girl but it was the first week for the class so I assume it will pick up. It was fun though. 🙂

Part of the afternoon I spent at Mom’s avoiding my sick husband until he wanted me to come home. We snacked on valentine’s treats and pinned baby picture ideas on Pinterest. When I got back home there was a card right inside the front door that instructed me in a little scavenger hunt. 🙂 Even when he doesn’t feel well he is so thoughtful and loving to me!! I followed my clues and ended up with several 10 dollar bills that were all meant for different fun things.


Zach was feeling a little better so he showered and we made a trip to the store where I got to get one of my presents. “Champagne” for the pregnant mommy. 🙂


We had a low-key evening finishing off A Few Good Men, eating Thai Smile (for me) and crackers and soup for sicky, followed by both of us going to bed at 9pm.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – yogurt w/jam and granola, 1 chocolate strawberry + 2 tiny valentine’s cookies
  • Supper – rice with curry and pad thai

All was fine until I woke up around 4 feeling sick (uh-oh) and also with several itchy bumps on the back of my neck. I spent the next half hour googling combinations of the words “pregnant”, “flu” and “itchy bumps” but didn’t really find anything that relevant. Finally I fell asleep on the couch and got some rest. We woke up for church and I didn’t feel great but I hadn’t been sick and the bumps were better so I went and taught my 2nd and 3rd graders and went to the store with Zach after. By the time we got home I was feeling rough and was a little itchier again. I ended up spending the day on the couch with a fever, popsicles that I threw up every time I ate one, mild hives and naps whenever I could rest. My amazing mother and father-in-law came over and along with Zach they spent a huge chunk of the day sanitizing the whooooole classroom, which is an enormous job. By the time I went to bed, nice and early, I had managed to keep down 1 popsicle and didn’t feel feverish. I’d already had half of the daycare parents text me that there kids were not coming the next day since I was flu-ish + pregnant. So nice of the them.

Sunday’s Food Journal – 1 popsicle.

I woke up in the middle of the night again, this time around 2am, itching like crazy. I got up and looked at myself and the bumps had multiplied quite a bit and they were sooo itchy. This time I spent awhile googling “pregnant” and “hives” (since Mom had discerned Sunday afternoon that’s what they were). The general consensus was as follows: hives aren’t dangerous to baby, there isn’t a whole lot you can take when you are pregnant, call your doctor, if they weren’t brought on by an allergy they may just be because of pregnancy hormones (what?!?!) and may recur throughout the pregnancy. Yikes. I woke poor Zach up to help me put calamine lotion, the only thing I had that was safe to use before calling the doctor, and we put it everywhere. When I first woke him up he was half asleep, of course, but came wide awake when I took my clothes off and I could see reflected in his eyes just how awful I looked.

The next couple of hours were spent just laying very still and trying not to scratch. It was horrible. When I got up for work I looked worse than ever. I had a couple more parents tell me they weren’t going to bring their kids and I was down to only one child for the day. She showed up, her dad took one look at me, and took her back home. I was unbelievably, overwhelmingly grateful for a completely unexpected day off. What great daycare parents I have! Zach and I called my OBGYN, found out I could take Benadryll and we picked some up at the store. I spent the ENTIRE day on the couch drugged up. Benadryll is one of those medicines that absolutely knocks me out and I can’t imagine if I would have had kids that day. I literally cannot stay awake or function when I’m on it.

Mid-day Vicki came by and was sweet to bring me lunch. I wasn’t very hungry but forced a little bit down before falling back into another Benadryll-induced slumber. I was looking better since I’d done nothing but take meds and sleep but in the evening after I spent a few hours awake the hives started coming back. Here is my side after improvement (it got much, much worse later but I didn’t take any pictures). My forearms were one of the only areas that escaped the wrath of the hives the entire time.

IMG_9698 - Version 2

I was getting incredibly itchy, but as I was trying not to take TOO much medicine, I thought we’d try some more natural remedies. First Zach and I made the recommended baking soda + water paste to relieve itching. It didn’t really help much but definitely made a mess! Next I took a cool oatmeal bath, a tried and true remedy. IT MADE EVERYTHING WORSE!!! When I got out of the bathtub I was red and welted alllll over, super itchy and incredibly defeated. It was practically time for bed and I felt like the entire day had been wasted. I looked worse than ever and was very concerned about getting a good sleep and how I’d ever watch kids the next day.

To be continued…

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – popsicle, couple saltines
  • Lunch – 1/2 bagel, bites of soup
  • Supper – bites of salad, small macaroni, 1/2 of a small mashed potato

71.5/1,200 miles.

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