14 Feb

*Final Chicago Post*

It’s a really good thing Zach and I woke up to watch the sunrise our first morning at the condo because Sunday morning we woke up to this:



I am so incredibly thankful we didn’t have weather like that the whole trip because our view would have been pointless! We could not see a single thing. We also would have had zero visibility from Willis Tower considering Willis Tower was completely missing.


It was visible just through this window the day before. A good morning to pack up and head out! Our trip was wrapping up but we had one last stop to make. Zach and I had went to brunch at GT Fish and Oyster on our last Chicago trip and it was absolutely phenomenal so we knew we wanted to take Mom and Dad there. The bad news is the menu had changed a lot and two things we’d been SO looking forward to eating were gone! The good news is that the food we got was still delicious. Including the bloody mary that they make so well which Zach and I shared (with a little pony back for Zach).



Zach and I especially had our hearts set on the gooey, cinnamon monkey bread that we had last time with orange cream cheese frosting, but alas, it was gone. We compensated by getting their cinnamon sugar churros with orange cream-cheese glaze which, while not as stellar as the monkey bread, was still tasty. All four of us shared this in seconds!



Mom and Dad decided to share the large order of chicken and waffles…



And Zach got an order of chicken and waffles on his own! Haha


They really were good chicken and waffles and so was my crab benedict!


My favorite part was probably the house-made biscuit which is funny because I’m not usually all that into bread items. GT Fish and Oyster is such a unique building with all it’s glass walls and cool decor and I’ll say the same thing I said last time- we need to go there for dinner!

IMG_9676 IMG_9678


After this we faced the drive home which really didn’t take terribly long and then we were back in Muncie like we’d never left. But with lots of fun pictures and memories to prove that we did. 🙂


Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Brunch – churro, crab benedict, 1/2 bloody mary
  • Supper – nachos

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