12 Feb

*This update post for the week will interrupt your regularly scheduled Chicago posting but we’ll get back to that tomorrow.*

This post also, sadly, will contain no pictures because between leftovers/a dinner out/eating at the parent’s, I haven’t cooked a meal all week. (Though that will change tonight). I’m going to bundle up the days in order of category so first up is exercise- gazelle on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings per usual, pushups on Tuesday and indoor bike at Mom and Dad’s on Wednesday for 25 minutes (4.6 miles).

Preschool was typical on Monday, wild on Tuesday and low-key with only 6 of my 10 kids yesterday. No complaining about that!

Monday night was Bible study and we visited Zach’s grandma for a little bit, Tuesday Zach took me to dinner at Puerta and we rented Gone Girl (we watched almost all of it and had to save the rest for later but it is REALLY good!) and Wednesday Zach had back to back soccer games in Indy (last week for that) so I had dinner at Mom’s and caught up on shows. Finally watched the Biggest Loser finale and am almost totally caught up with Bachelor now. I came home and went to sleep and Zach didn’t get home for a couple more hours! Late night for the poor guy who got up at 6:15 this morning to go to his men’s Bible study. 🙂 Proud of that man.

Food journals:


  • Breakfast – pancakes (I made them from scratch, they just sounded good!)
  • Lunch – soup with bread
  • Supper – pasta


  • Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 pc. tst., bacon
  • Lunch – juice
  • Supper – chips and queso, enchilada, 1 pc. cake


  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – spaghetti squash w/ cheese, 1 pc. cake (made Zach get rid of the cake after this- keeping cake in the house is NOT a good decision haha!)
  • Supper – taco salad, cheesy spaghetti

And that’s the week so far! Zach and I have something exciting going on this afternoon, but more on that later!

67.5/1,200 miles.


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