5 Feb

Tomorrow is “leaving for Chicago” day!!! So excited for all we have planned- great food, great fun, great company. Hopefully Mom and Dad love it. Good thing the weekend is going to be something worth talking about because so far the week hasn’t been anything too special. Tuesday I did the gazelle and had a busy workday. So busy that I barely had time to clean for Bible study which meant after work I had to swap the workout for cleaning instead. Sweeping and mopping and dishes and scrubbing still burn calories right? 🙂 We finished cleaning literally seconds before people started pulling up. Thank goodness! We had a good study with the group discussing James 3 and controlling your tongue which is something that I know pretty much anybody could work on (raises hand). I’ve been trying to get myself into the habit of thinking “check how your words taste before you spit them out”. A helpful reminder!

I had a dinner that I’d partially prepped in the afternoon but with all the frenzied cleaning and Bible study people leaving late, I had no energy in me to finish it or wait around another 30 minutes before eating. So Zach picked us up pasta instead. 🙂 Netflix and reading which are pretty much night-time staples and it was off to dreamland.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – veggie spaghetti squash (yum!!!), couple spoonfuls of PB (I bought dark chocolate dreams at the store over the weekend which we haven’t had in ages and I keep eating it right out of the jar!)
  • Supper – alfredo

Wednesday-same gazelle, same busy day and then I actually followed through with the dinner I prepped the night before. I was making Bacon and Egg Cups from Double Delicious. I can’t remember if I mentioned the last time I made a dish from this book (which was the chicken cannelloni) but the whole point of this book is incorporating more veggies in a “sneaky” way by making purees. The chicken cannelloni had cauliflower puree in it and so did this recipe! In fact, every recipe in the cookbook contains and puree and I can tell you this- they are so indiscernible that I think it would be a great cookbook for moms to have. A surefire way to get more veggies into little picky eaters!

The day before I steamed and pureed cauliflower and mixed it with 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites until smooth.


Then Wednesday after work I sprayed a muffin tin with cooking spray and pleated whole wheat 6-inch tortillas to fit the cups. The tortillas were filled with the egg mixture and cheddar cheese to bake in the oven.


While this baked I did an unusual version of a quick home workout – push-ups, lunges, squats and 11 minutes of “indoor jogging”. Remember when I used to do that all the time? 🙂 You really can do anything to get some movement in even if you don’t hit the gym. Once the cups came out of the oven we put bacon, chopped tomatoes and scallions on them.


The top of the shell got super crispy, like a chip, so I added taco sauce to it. That was the perfect addition!


These were good and really low-calorie so I had two of them. My final analysis is that I don’t think I would make this again probably. Only because while it was good, it wasn’t GREAT and it wasn’t all that flavorful either. I suppose if some spices or herbs had been added to the eggs it would have helped.


Regardless I ate two of them and still enjoyed it plenty. 🙂 I’d tell you what Zach and I did with our evening but you can probably guess. Haha! Now I am greatly enjoying the fact that there is only half of today plus an hour and a half of work tomorrow before a little mini-vacation. Oh how I love my vacations.

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – bacon & egg scramble on a slice of whole wheat toast (Zach made it for me)
  • Lunch – PB & banana whole wheat wrap
  • Supper – 2 bacon and egg cups, PB 

55.5/1,200 miles.

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