3 Feb

Only 3 more days until we leave for Chicago!! Hopefully Mom and Dad enjoy their Christmas present and we have a spectacular time! They got hit with a decent sized snowstorm last weekend but surely by the time we get there Friday it will be cleared up.

Sunday morning Hillary went to church with us again. I love that she loves Harvest because it’s our family really! Zach and I postponed lunch to go get allll our grocery/supply shopping done at once because the snow was really starting to come down. Finally around 2 we put together whatever we could find around the house to make something small. For me that consisted of whole wheat angel hair + cheddar + swiss cheese. We watched Chef on Netflix which we loved because it was basically like watching a great storyline on the Food Network and then we headed to our last Sunday night surrender class. It was early this week so that we could all get out in time for the Super Bowl.

I didn’t care one iota about the Patriots vs. the Seahawks, but I DID care about commercials, Katy Perry at half-time, Mom’s chili-cheese dip with chips and Pizza King! Unfortunately Pizza King brought us the wrong pizza… We ordered 1/2 royal feast, 1/2 baked ham and bbq with pepperoni. We got one giant baked ham and bbq, no pepperoni. It was a little sad because I was super pumped for royal feast but we were too hungry to wait for them to bring us another! Apparently the family who got our pizza was NOT happy and they called for a remake, Pizza King told us. I don’t know how anyone could possibly be unhappy with our awesome combination. 😉

We watched 3 quarters of the game at Mom and Dad’s before I had Zach take me home because I was more then ready for bed. The half-time show was great this year but unfortunately the funny commercials were lacking. Maybe next year the Colts will play and I’ll actually watch the game too.

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes
  • Lunch – cheesy pasta
  • Supper- chips w/dip, pizza, small bowl of ice cream

Monday morning we did not wake up to the amount of snow that it had initially sounded like we would get. Big surprise there. I did the gazelle and ended up getting off work later than I expected at the end of the day. Instead of the gym, Zach and I went right to Mom and Dad’s and I biked on their indoor bike for 20 minutes while watching Bachelor before dinner was ready. Bible study is moved this week and Mom couldn’t do dinner on Wednesday so that’s why we were there early this week! We had a well-rounded dinner that included venison and potatoes in the crockpot. It was great, especially when we added horseradish, and it didn’t taste gamey like deer sometimes does at all!

We watched shows a little longer over there before coming home to read and an early bed-time and now I’ve only got 3 more workdays this week plus Bible study is tonight, hooray!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – potato soup, PB
  • Supper – salad, 1 pc. garlic bread, venison w/potatoes

52/1,200 miles.

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