1 Feb

I was SO thankful for Friday to roll around; it had seemed like one long week! Ironically now that I’m writing this the weekend is almost over… Friday morning I did the gazelle and after work I ran again. This time I ran one mile, walked a bit, ran half a mile and walked some more until 30 minutes were up. I got a little over 2.5 miles total and it felt great to get a little more running done. I’m working back up to higher mileage!

Dinner wasn’t a thought on my mind for Friday night because Zach told me he was taking me on a date. 🙂


All he said is that we were eating somewhere “exotic”. When we pulled up to The Nile in Anderson I knew why, Mediterranean food for days! We’d only eaten at the Nile once before and that was literally over 4 years ago. The environment in there is full-out egyptian and it’s decorated to the nines. There was even a guy playing some type of drum and a girl belly-dancing! She went around from table to table and it was both interesting to watch and slightly awkward at the same time, haha. We got a small egyptian meat pie and small was right!



This was a flaky phyllo crust stuffed with ground lamb and some spices. About 2 1/2 bites apiece and this was gone. 🙂 For dinner Zach went full-authentic and got something like Dolmades and Kibee?


Whatever it was he seemed to enjoy it. I got salmon and asparagus over angel hair and it was wonderful.


It looked like a big portion but I ate almost the entire thing. I was hungry and it tasted sooo good. After dinner we started driving the opposite way and in a little less than an hour we found ourselves in Upland for the next portion of Zach’s date. If you know anything about our small towns in Indiana you would know the only reason we’d head to Upland…for Ivanhoe’s! Ivanhoe’s has some of the best ice cream around with something like over 99 sundae combinations! Also they have something I really appreciate- a mini size. This way you can enjoy what you want without going overboard. We brought our sundaes home and finished out the night with Oldboy which had a really wild twist in it. I like when Zach plans things for us to do. 🙂

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – apple w/PB, cheese & crackers
  • Supper – 1 pc. pita bread, half a tiny meat pie, salmon pasta dish
  • Snack – mini sundae

One of the best things about Saturday mornings? Not having to set an alarm. Then, even when I wake up somewhat early still, at least it’s of my own volition and not because anything is making me! I wasn’t up for too long before I dragged Zach outside to go for a walk with me. It was still pretty chilly but I wanted to move and couldn’t stand the idea of being in the gym, I needed fresh air! Luckily I have a great husband who is pretty much game for anything I ask him to do ever. 🙂 We walked for 34 minutes (2.18 miles) and as long as we weren’t walking into the wind it wasn’t too bad!

I showered and put together a menu quickly before heading to a ladies lunch at Olive Garden with Mom, my Aunt Cindy and my cousin Carrie. We had to wait for a good while and then spent hours at our table talking like girls do. In fact we stayed so long that I suddenly looked at the time and told them I had to get out of there to head to Indy! I had a date with Leah and needed to get on my way. She and I were taking advantage of Devour Downtown and got really fortunate to squeeze a 5pm reservation in at Spoke and Steele, a place neither of us had been. After some typical parking garage hairiness and walking around outside trying to figure out just how to get to our restaurant, we showed up slightly late but still able to get our table. They were doing a 3 for $35 menu and we had options for each course. For my first pick I got the frites with some type of sauce and they were enormous!!



There may only be 6 there but let me tell you, it was like eating a whole plate of fries! I gave one to Leah but ate the other 5 down no problem. 🙂 Here’s my date with her pork chop and maple brussels sprouts:


I got chicken (which was perfectly cooked) with a crispy skin, asparagus, smashed potatoes and a sauce under it all. Really great meal- especially that chicken!



We both chose the same thing for dessert- the caramel bundino.


I didn’t even know what bundino was and upon getting this small dessert I still wasn’t quite sure. I knew it was good though! It was like a caramel custard with a thick hot fudge on it topped with caramel popcorn. I just looked it up on Google which clarified that it is, indeed, like a custard or pudding. Excellent meal! I will definitely take Zach to this place. We got to sit and talk and catch up on life which is always so nice to get to do!


I got home at a decent time and snuggled with Zach watching Netflix while the snow started falling outside…

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – 1 breadstick, soup
  • Supper – fries, chicken w/mashed potatoes, bundino


48.5/1,200 miles. 2.5/200 running miles.


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