30 Jan

As much as I love cooking, I love being cooked FOR as well and that’s what the last two nights were! Mom had that “privilege” 😉 Wednesday night and then Zach last night.

Wednesday after gazelle and work and gym (30 minutes walking, 2 miles) I showed up at Mom’s and dinner was pretty much on the table. I LOVE when she makes green chile chicken with rice and this time was no exception. Soooo good. Unfortunately Zach missed out since he had an early soccer game this week again but fortunately that means he is home at a reasonable time. I watched some Bachelor before heading home to get there at the same time with Zach and have “couples reading time” in bed. Love when he sits and reads a book when I do. 🙂

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – broccoli + cauliflower w/cheese
  • Supper – beets, apple tartlet, chicken w/rice

Thursday I did the gazelle in the morning but no gym after work (planning a run tonight though!), instead I got to lay on the couch and read while my darling man fixed dinner. 🙂 Awhile back he had photographed some recipes that looked good out of a healthy cookbook he’d bought for his mom. One of the ones he thought looked so good was a makeover version of the incredibly popular “Bang Bang Shrimp” dish from Bonefish Grill. That was his pick for the night. 🙂


While I don’t know all the details that went into it, I know that the bed for the shrimp was shredded iceberg lettuce + shredded red cabbage. I know that the shrimp were tossed in cornstarch and cooked in a little oil and I know that the sauce was made from a lighter mayonnaise + sriracha and some other things.

IMG_9077 IMG_9080

It looked and smelled delicious and it was, but…


A couple bites in we both realized something. The shrimp had shells on them! Zach had taken the tails off but not the shells. Haha poor guy. We spent several minutes taking the shells off all the shrimp which sadly was taking off the sauce and cornstarch batter too! We were able to spoon a little extra sauce over them and they were really tasty but it wasn’t quite how it was supposed to go.


It also is more like an appetizer, not a meal because by the time we finished Oldboy we were HUNGRY! We ran to the store where Zach got a can of potato soup for me and cinnamon rolls for him, ha! I haven’t had potato soup in ages and it hit the spot along with a cinnamon roll Zach kindly let me have. 😉

Some fun plans for the weekend ahead!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – oatmeal (!! It sounded good so I made some pancake oatmeal, first time in ages!)
  • Supper – shrimp, soup, 1 cinnamon roll

42.5/1,200 miles.


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