26 Jan

I actually have some pictures for this post! 🙂 Friday I didn’t have to worry about dinner one bit because I had a very wonderful man taking care of that for me. (It was Zach in case you couldn’t guess.) He was making a venison roast from some recipe he found online. He seasoned his venison and stuffed it with garlic cloves to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours.


That afternoon the only thing I had to do was put the carrots and onions he’d already chopped into the roasting pan and stick the whole thing in the oven to cook for about 3 hours.


The rest of my day was the usual gazelle, work and gym. I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill slightly faster than Thursday but slightly slower than normal so I got 1.89 miles. Next week I am going to start incorporating some jogging/running and hopefully that goes well. Dinner was ready when I got home!


He was supposed to make a brown gravy to go on it but that required 3 cups of pan drippings and for some reason there were almost NO drippings in the pan. So instead we ate it with bbq sauce. 🙂


Unfortunately this wasn’t the best. It wasn’t anything Zach did, it was just not that exciting of a recipe. The gravy may have really taken it up a notch because it was really pretty boring. Still ate it all though! Zach and I started a new movie, Oldboy, which is in Korean. Such interesting movies we find doing this challenge… After our dinner had digested some I baked cookies!! Earlier in the day I had seen a recipe for S’mores Cookies off a blog that I read. She had found the recipe on a blog called Averie Cooks and I was sold. Especially because I already had all ingredients on hand except for the marshmallow bites!

The recipe makes 26 but I knew I didn’t want (or need!) that many so I cut it in half. During the afternoon I made the dough, formed 8 cookies to sit in the fridge a couple of hours and froze the rest of the dough. When we were ready for a snack with our movie I popped the cookies in the oven for 8 minutes and out they came, gooey and warm:


She says to eat them right away while they are still super soft so of course we complied. Mmmmm were these delicious!! They weren’t huge cookies and I ended up eating 3 because they were so tasty. Definitely a good choice. We went over to Zach’s parents for a little bit and then when we got back home I was beat and it was time to hit the sack.

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – soup
  • Supper – roast & veggies, 3 cookies

Saturday morning was kicked off with typical weekend productivity. The weather forecast had said the high was going to be 40 degrees so I was really hoping for outdoor activity but sadly it was a very chilly, dreary day. While Zach and I were running some errands I picked up the same fresh southwest chicken salad from Concannon’s as I did last weekend! Cookie went to Zach, again. New weekend meal?

I had 1pm plans for us but wanted to walk before then. I lamented to Zach that I didn’t want to walk on a treadmill like I had been all week long but it was so cold out. He had the great idea of walking in the mall! I wouldn’t want to do this all the time, but it was a great change when you want to get a walk in that’s different from your usual routine. We walked for half an hour which was only about 1 mile. I think we walk slower in the mall because we are distracted by window shopping… 🙂

Our 1pm plans? I took Zach to see American Sniper because he had been dying to go. There is a lot of controversy surrounding that movie about the type of man Chris Kyle was versus the way he was portrayed on film. The movie itself was very good and captivating and I’ll tell you this much, regardless of what kind of person Chris Kyle was, if I had someone over there fighting I know I would’ve felt worlds better with someone like him on overwatch. No matter what people think of him, there is no telling how many American lives he saved with his incredible ability to shoot.

We came home after the movie and quickly changed for the second part of our date-


We were going to Indy for dinner to take advantage of Devour Downtown. Twice a year Indy restaurants put up a prix fixe menu so you can experience a full sampling of a menu for less than you would usually spend at the place. It’s a great way to check out somewhere new, especially somewhere pricey and Zach and I have tried out several restaurants this way. This time our pick was 1913 in the Omni hotel. We arrived downtown a good 15 minutes before our reservation but then used almost that entire time trying to find a parking spot. Apparently there was some enormous middle-school aged volleyball tournament going on that had brought in over 10,000 people. Event parking all over the place was 20-30 dollars! Yikes. Luckily we were fortunate to find a meter just a couple minutes walk from the hotel and only had to pay a few dollars. Thank goodness!

We were seated right away in a table near the opening of the restaurant. It was a little strange how the lobby just morphs into the eating area but it was still a classy feel. Before we even ordered they brought out a tiny little relish tray.


So tiny that I ate 1 tomato, 1 olive, 1 carrot and one piece of celery and that was half of it! It was cute though. 🙂 For the Devour Downtown menu Zach and I each got our choice from a few appetizers, a few entrees and 2 desserts. We ordered and then they brought us out the most doughy, wonderful bread.


You know by now that I’m not real big on bread and typically skip it but I had a piece + a few bites of this loaf! It was that good. Our first course came out really fast and I had gotten the corn chowder which came in a cute little dish.


This had really excellent flavor and Zach was obsessed with it so I let him have half. 🙂 His first course were pork cheeks with a raspberry sorbet.



The meat was too chewy for me but the breading on it was soooo good. The raspberry sorbet was also really cool (pun intended) and went with the flavors so well. After this course we figured our entrees would come out pretty quickly but that wasn’t the case. In fact, it took so long that our waiter came by and offered us complimentary glasses of champagne…and I am not drinking right now. Oh my word. This would happen during the middle of a drinking hiatus. Zach said yes of course and the waiter was so sweet he brought me a glass of sparkling grape juice! Haha see the difference in color?



Finally our meals came out. I had gotten the turkey pot pie, Zach got short rib with smoked mac and cheese and we got two family-style sides to share. The kale & sweet potato side is in my picture and the creamy mashed potatoes is in Zach’s.




The mashed potatoes and the mac and cheese were incredibly good. I don’t care for sweet potatoes so Zach ate most of that and unfortunately his short rib and my pot pie were just all right. Not bad but not that great. That macaroni though! It smelled like a campfire which may sound weird but it was awesome. They mean smoked very literally! I only ate about 1/4 of my potpie (boxed the rest up) and had bites of the other foods. I was absolutely stuffed at that point but we’d paid for one more course!


That right there was the best part of the entire dinner. HANDS DOWN. It was a big chocolate chip cookie that was almost like a little cake topped with butterscotch pudding, ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, seeds and it had a gooey, cream filled center. It was amazing. I ate a valiant 3/4 of it and it killed me that I couldn’t finish it off haha. It was SO good!! We left a little stuffed but pleased with our fun date. We decided that the service and dessert at this place had been great but overall it wasn’t somewhere we needed to eat again. Glad to check it off our Indy Monthly restaurants list though!

When we got home Zach had a beer thing with some guys so I watched some shows at the parents until going home to crash.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries
  • Lunch – 1/2 salad
  • Supper – a couple veggies, bread, 1/2 small soup, 1/4 turkey pot pie, mashed potatoes, 3/4 cookie dessert

I didn’t update my mileage in the last post so I’ll add that on now- 32.5/1,200 miles.


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