14 Jan

Monday night’s dinner was DEFINITELY one for the books!! Best recipe I’ve made in awhile I think and so good I had 2 1/2 servings!! What was this delicious creation? Hearty Alfredo Potatoes from a (surprise!) Taste of Home magazine. What would I do without them? I made two different mixtures and then did a lot of layering. One bowl was filled with broccoli, cubed cooked turkey and swiss cheese.




Another bowl was alfredo sauce, almond milk (instead of whole) and garlic powder. In my large, glass baking dish I put some of the sauce in the bottom, then thinly sliced potatoes (which I cut myself peeling- that’s never happened before!!), S+P, parmesan cheese and then the turkey/broccoli/swiss mix. Layered this 3 times and ended with potatoes and extra swiss on the very top.


This baked while I was at the gym doing TRX. FINALLY back in the gym! I was a little late due to a kid getting picked up late so I only got about 20 minutes in so after TRX I did 15 minutes on the arc trainer (.75 miles). It felt so good to be back. It’s great having my Fitbit too except I keep forgetting about it so I will start an activity record and then forget to stop it for like 3 hours. I need to get the hang of it again so I can track calories burned too! Back at home it was time to eat.


As I have already stated, this was SO good. I mean, if you like cheese and potatoes and broccoli and alfredo sauce combined which I happened to think was a home run.


Zach liked the turkey in it and I thought it was fine but honestly next time I could do less turkey and more broccoli!


We ate while watching our next top 250 movie- Sunset Blvd. It’s a 50’s movie in black in white and has held our attention well so far. Zach had to go around 8:30 to watch some college football championship or something (ha!) with guy friends and after I spent a little time with the Gilmore Girls I went to bed at a nice earrrrrly time. Wonderful. 🙂 Oh! gazelled in the morning too.

Tuesday morning I also did the gazelle and had a slightly crazy workday. My poor kids are definitely starting to get cabin fever, it’s been months since we’ve been able to play outside, and I fear we will be cooped up for an indefinite amount of time… After work Zach and I had a ton of random things to accomplish despite the fact that all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch and read. Instead I showered and we put stuff up in the attic and printed some things off at Zach’s parents and ran to the store for groceries and ran to a different store for supplies and ate leftovers and went to my parents to try to print something that we couldn’t at Zach’s parents and…bored yet? I was. Haha but at least I knocked some stuff off my to-do list. The little bit of evening that we had left we watched Dexter.

So I said I’d show some more cabinet progress and here you go-


The whole left side of my kitchen has completed cabinets now (don’t mind the mess).


Doing this by hand is definitely a big project but so much cheaper than buying new cabinets and it’s rewarding too! Here’s a comparison with the side of the kitchen that still needs done-


We’ll keep a’workin on them!

10.5/1,200 miles.


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